If tour participant falls ill


I want to know what happens if a tour participant is ill snd require hospitalidation. All his fellow travellers have to go to next location. What happens in this,cade


Not sure what the process is, but just make sure the participant has travel insurance.


Company staff can you pls reply?


I had an instance of this on my first Top Deck tour. If someone is hospitalised and can’t continue with the tour, the tour leaders help out while they’re in town with things such as contacting embassies, family etc, but basically that’s it. By definition, you have to be an adult to go on these tours, and in these circumstances, Top Deck treat you as such. Travel insurance is compulsory for all people who go, so this will cover the financial side, not only for medical but also the loss of tour.

If you go to hospital for something that’s relatively minor (like I had to in Hungary - on New Years Day!), the staff usually know where the closest hospital is etc. They’ll help you get there, but again, you’re an adult and will usually be treated as such :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!