If anyone has any questions?


Im just back from my tour, had an amazing time! :slight_smile: I was on the winter getaway, which is quite similair to european getaway and european wonder so if theres anything uz r wondering about ask away n il try my best to help. :slight_smile:


Hey! Thanks for the offerโ€ฆ I have a few questions![br]- What did you do for a mobile phone i.e. roaming, European sim, Topdeck ekit, etc[br]- What kind of bag did you have for everyday use?[br]- How was Italy? Iโ€™m quite excited to go there! Did you stay at Camping Roma? How was it?[br]Thank you!!


Hi, [br]I am going on the European Getaway May the 29th.[br]Was there anything you took that you would never travel without? [br]Im afraid im not going to pack the right things!![br]Thanks,[br]Jenny


Hey, thanks for the offer. Is it rue there are USB port chargers on the buses?[br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun


Hey! [br]-I live in uk so i just brought my usual phone and didnt cost me much more than normal. [br]-For my everyday bag i just brought a small bag i could wear across my shoulder and i wore it back to front so no-one could open it and i always kept my hand on it. Dont worry too much about pickpockets and stuff like that, i was really worried before i went but no-one on my trip experienced any problems just so long as your careful ul be fine. [br]-Italy was amazing, i loved all of it. Id deff recommend going to the karaoke bar in florence and the gondola ride in venice. Nope i didnt stay in the campsite ir rome sorry so dont know what its like.[br]-I brought some things that i never used, dont overthink it too much thats what i did and some things i brought were unecessary. But id say deff bring lots of packets of tissues coz some service stops dont have loo roll and ul most likely get a cold. So id also say deff bring painkillers and flu tablets, i also brought travel sickness pills which were great. Id also say bring a cushion or pillow for the bus and because the pillows in the hostels r usually really flat. Finally try not to bring too much clothes, i brought stuff that could be worn day and night and in diff combinations so didnt run out. [br]-There is 1 charger at the front of the bus you can use to charge ur ipod and maybe ur camera but not phones. But i wish id brought my speakers to charge my ipod with in the hostels.[br][br]Anyway hope that helps uz all, any more qs just ask. :slight_smile:


Hi Catrionanana,[br][br]I just had a question for you about the accommodation. I think the winter getaway is also one of the euroclub tours like the european getaway which i will be doing later this year, and I am curious to know what the accommodation was like considering we stay mostly in hostels and bungalows. were they ok, and safe, and how close to the city were they?[br]if you went out at night were they hard/expensive to get back to?[br][br]any insight would be much appreciated- it is always so useful to hear from someone who has already experienced it![br][br]thanks![br][br]elese.[br][br]European Getaway 2009


Thanks.[br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun


Hey miss e. The accommodation was actually really good, didnt have any complaints. Stayed in quite a few hotels aswell but I especially loved the hostel in prague it is pretty much like a hotel but with a better atmosphere and the campsite in switzerland has a great atmosphere too, had 2 really fun nights there. Most of the hostels have en-suite rooms which i though was brill.The closeness to the city varied but when it wasnt possible to walk home it was easy enough to get a taxi which didnt cost much split between 4 people. We also had a lot of fun nights just drinking in the hostel which meant we didnt have to worry about getting home at night. And in the morning the bus will usually do a drop off in the city or u all get the public bus in together, but if ur wanting to do ur own thing its easy to just get the metro in. As for safety i thought they were all in really safe areas, never worried, and u only share a room with ppl on the tour(u get to pick) so u dont need to worry bout anything happening to ur stuff in the room while ur out. Anything else u wanna know just let me know. Have a great trip!


Hey Catrionanana,[br]I was wondering how much spending money you took and also what optional activities you think are worth doing? i am going on the european wonder tour in august. Thanks, Tess :)[br][br]European Wonder 27th Aug 09


Hey, I am also going on a Winter Getaway at the end of this year and i just wanted to know from some one that had been on one before what to expect.[br][br]I was wondering what things you recommend on doing and also what things to avoid?? Also what would you not travel without(clothes wise)?? How much money did you spend/would recommend taking???


Hey tessa and mel! :)[br][br]- I took about 400 euros with me and then after that i just used my credit card, overall i spent almost ?1000 on spending money but u dont need to bring that much i just got a bit carried away spending lol i think u should budget for spending around 800 euros because u dont want to b worrying about money while ur away.[br][br]-I did a lot of the optionals available and really enjoyed all of them.Although a few of the people on my trip did the seine cruise in paris and said it wasnt very good, i did the cabaret so id recommend u do that instead. I didnt do any of the bike tours(coz i cant ride a bike embarassing haha) but most of the people on my tour did them all. They absaloutely loved the fat tyre bikes in paris and berlin so id deff recommend that but they werent so keen on the 1 in amsterdam. In switzerland i went up the jungfrau mountain which was deff 1 of my fave activities, we had so much fun and got to see amazing views. Theres also the option to go skydiving so if uv got the guts id recommend that coz those on my trip who did it loved it and u get a dvd of it aswell which i though was pretty cool. In venice id deff recommend the gondola ride, its really traditional and great fun and its good value for money. In rome i did the vatican tour which i found iteresting but be warned its really long and some people started to get fed up and tired during it. No-one on my trip did the berlin pub crawl as its not actually a pub crawl apparently they just point out pubs to u. :confused: So we all did our own thing there at night, the pub we went to for dinner was amazing and we did karaoke there which was such a laugh and u get free shots every time u sing. Also went to karaoke club in florence which was great so deff go there. :slight_smile: In amsterdam the sex show is odd but hilarious and deff worth going to and the cruise on the last nite in amsterdam was also really fun, 1 of my fave optionals and a great way to celebrate with everyone for the last nite.[br][br]-Clothes wise u should deff take a warm jumper for switzerland and shoes with a good grip if ur going up the mountain coz of the snow. I took 2 skirts, 1 pair of jeans and quite a few tops so i could just mix n match to make diff outfits but was light in my case. Id deff say bring things that u can layer n mix n match n dont bring too much coz u rly dont need it. Id say bring more than 1 pair of shoes in case something happens to 1 pair. When i went the weather was great but if ur going at the end of the year it will be quite chilly so ul deff be needing jeans, jumpers and jackets. [br][br]Sorry for such a long reply lol but hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks, i am sure that it will help. If u remember anything else plz do tell;D


did the 1000 euros cover enrty fees and generel spending or just shopping this might sound stupid but im stressed about money thinking im not going to have enough


did you just take/spend euros or did you have to transfer into other [br]currency before??? like for switzerland etc, do they except euros???


thanks heaps! Your info has been really helpful. I cant wait to go!!! :)[br][br]European Wonder 27th Aug 09


hey, im jsut wondering about what % was guys on the trip and what % was girls? just seems like there are way more girls on these forums, so I was wondering if that was representative of the tours. [br][br][br]thanks![br][br]Meredith Fraser[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27


Hey! Yeah the ?1000 i spent was including all the entry fees and optional extras. I only brought euros with me. For switzerland and prague u need francs and crowns but i just lifted them out the cash machine when i got there. On my tour there was more girls than guys but there was still quite a few guys and we all mixed well so wasnt a problem. :slight_smile:


[quote]As for safety i thought they were all in really safe areas, never worried, and u only share a room with ppl on the tour(u get to pick) [/quote][br][br]Did you choose roomates at the start and then stay with them the whole trip? or did you choose them along the way so people mixed and matched rooms?[br][br] [quote]Clothes wise u should deff take a warm jumper for switzerland and shoes with a good grip if ur going up the mountain coz of the snow[/quote][br][br]What type of warm jacket, like a lined jacket?? is that enough?? Coz switzerland is the only cold place iโ€™m going and i donโ€™t want to pack too much just for that one stop. [br][br]Thanks[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


Hey nic! I mainly shared with the same people, not every1 i shared with the 1st night but after a couple of days ppl start to just room with the same ppl just coz its easier than re-picking all the time but u can if u want, it also depends on the room size in the hostels how many ppl r in the room. I brought a jumper n a rainjacket for switzerland n just layered up. If its the only warm place then u dont need to worry bought bringing a big warm coat. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


That helps heaps. Thanks![br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands