Iceland Uncovered 29th may 2010


i know this is a new tour for 2010, and i was wondering if anyone is thinking about going?
i was looking at going on the 29th may, but a bit concerned as there are no guaranteed departure dates!!
if anyone else is thinking about going let me know :slight_smile: thanks!!!


Hi Cass

I was worried too about the guaranteed dates…but have booked anyway. I am travelling solo on the 25th of June.



Hi Cass or Sarah,
I’m considering doing this Iceland trip in June of this year…I can’t find any reviews about it. What have you heard? If I do go, I will go solo. Is it fun? How cold is it? Do you know if we stay in a hotel? Is it safe? Many things to see? I have been to other places in Europe and have had a lot of fun, but I don’t know anything about Iceland but I’m really considering it.

Many thanks for your input! Matt