Iceland explorer


Hey :slight_smile: I know it’s a while off but I’ve booked the Iceland explorer 24th Nov anyone else booked?


Hi Amy! Im booked on this trip so excited fingers crossed we see the northern lights!! Im doing a Britain and Ireland trip first but thinking I might get to Iceland a day or two before tour starts how about you? If your planning on getting there a bit earlier too happy to meet up :slight_smile: Alyce


Hi Alyce. I flying out on the 24th and I’m staying a day longer afterwards I’m from the UK so it’s not a long flight.


Oh lucky you with your quick flight! Im from Melbourne so it is definitely a trek to get there. Really looking forward to it though, I think it will be a fun trip! :smiley:


Hi, I’m looking to book this trip! Where in the uk are you from Amy?


Hi. I’m from Essex about an hour and half from London. Where are you travelling from?


Sorry only just seen your message! I’d be coming from Wiltshire. Looking at one of the November trips but not sure which one yet!


Hey guys! I’ve booked onto the Iceland Explorer tour on November 24! I’m 22 years old and are from Perth Australia :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I too have just booked this trip traveling with a friend. Both Aussies but living in london currently.


Joining you guys on this trip too! P.s @pandigirl I’m an Aussie living in London at the moment too :blush:


Hey guys,

Another Australian here!
I’ll be arriving in Iceland from the UK on the 9th of November for a few days. I’ve
booked to go on the 4 day explorer tour… Thinking to depart to 10th
Nov. Let me know if anyone will be there around then. Tara


Hey Guys,
Coming from Sydney Australia!


For those on Iceland Explorer departing on the 24th November I’ve created a fb group


Hey, I’m thinking about doing this tour Nov/Dec 2017. Did you see the Northern Lights on your tour. Would you recommend this tour?