Iceland Explorer - 23rd December 2017


Hey hey!

Is anyone else out there travelling the Iceland Explorer over Christmas this year?
Trip is 23rd - 26th December. I’m staying on two extra nights to get some more adventuring in. :slight_smile:


If you would have still been there on the 29th I would have been down. I am doing the New Years Iceland Explorer and get in early (5am) on that day so I have most the day to explore since the group doesn’t meet until late afternoon. Trying to fine something to do!


Sorry to disappoint haha. I’ll be off home painfully early that morning!


Hey! I’ve just booked this tour. I’ll be leaving on the 26th though to head to Scotland for another tour and for NYE :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Yay :slight_smile: Nice to know someone else is actually going on the trip haha! Ahh Scotland for NYE will be amazing, very jealous!


I will be in Reykjavik from 21 Dec to 26. Gonna plan everything once get there, r u with a tour company?


Hey, I’ve just booked on to this trip too!! I fly out from London on the 21st though so i’ve got a few days before to explore as well :slight_smile:


Hi guys, yes I’m on this tour too! Arriving in Iceland on the 21st. Looking forward to it!


Not going there but have a plan to book because of sounds a cool way to have fun enjoy new year in Iceland that will be the first experience for me to try expect New York.


I’m going on this trip. I fly in on the 22nd and will be keen for some drinks. :smile:


Hey all! So sorry, I didn’t get any notifications for replies!
I get there around 2pm on the 23rd, everyone else sounds like they’re getting in the day before. Ahh! Wish I had now.

I’ve booked a couple of expeditions for the 26th and 27th with Extreme Iceland :slight_smile:


Are you all on the app? There’s a chat going on :slight_smile:


morning all I’m very tempted with this trip. any idea on numbers going ?


Hey James, seems to be a good handful of us! Around 10 so far. :slight_smile:


Thanks montano, sounds perfect ! not to big of a group. ill have to make a decision pronto


montano I see you’ve booked so additional excursions. what is it your doing ? if I’m to wander over to Iceland id like to go for a little longer then just 4/5 days so I’m interested other excursions


Hey James, I booked a few days with Extreme Iceland, but I’ve heard they’re fully booked for those extra days now! There are other travel agencies though. I’m doing some glacier expeditions! :slight_smile:


thanks ! ill see what the budget has to offer. glacier’s sound amazing !


Hi, I am planning for a vacation this Christmas.


hey guys ! do you recommend a trip like yours this year ?