Iceland Explorer 23-26 December 2015


I’m booked in for Iceland over Christmas! So excited. Just wondering who else is booked for this trip/ who’ll be back in London for New Years? Anyone else also travelling solo?

Can’t wait to meet everyone! :slight_smile:


Hey, I am doing the same trip Christmas is Iceland :slight_smile: im also going solo but going to the USA after the trip for New Years.


Oh wow! That’ll be awesome :slight_smile:


Hey guys!

I am also a solo traveller joining this trip and heading to London the day after as well :smile: but I won’t be there for new years.

I’m so excited about this one and can’t wait to get to Iceland. Either of you around pre trip?

Can’t wait to meet everyone!!



How exciting! It’ll be beautiful and very very cold haha

Yeah I’m in London from the 19th (I actually arrive in London on the 4th of December and am doing another tour before this one) :smile:

Can’t wait!


Yes it will be very cold. I have been plotting about how to keep warm and buying up the last of the winter gear!

And cool! What trip are you doing beforehand? I’ll be in Munich the week before the trip and land into Iceland 3 days early so that I can check out the city before it shuts down for Christmas.

If either of you are there around the same time let me know :smile:


Hahaha yeah- last minute sales are the way to go! Soon many layers I imagine haha

I’m doing the winter Britain and Ireland :slight_smile: I was actually an aupair just outside of London for a year in a couple of years ago so going back to all the places I didn’t get to then. Ahhhh that’s a good idea!

I’m arriving on the 23rd but am staying an extra night after :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile: I’m doing this tour over Christmas as well! I get into Iceland the day before the trip starts and I’ll be heading to London after to do the winter Britain and Ireland tour as well.
Annie you will have to let me know how it is and what bits not to miss haha can’t wait to meet you all, Iceland is going to be amazing :smile:


Oh cool! Hahaha will do :slight_smile:
So excited! Not long now! Who are you flying with to and from Iceland? British Airways? I wonder if any of us will be on the same flight haha.


Hey guys!

Annie - thats so cool :slight_smile: I looked at that tour too but it didn’t link up with what I wanted to do. You will have to let me know what Belfast is like (I am desperate to get there) and make sure you get to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and if you’re a history buff kilmainham gaol - it was one of the highlights when I went to Dublin, and Dublin is probably up there with my favourite places in Europe.

Stefanie - will you be in Edinburgh for Hogmanay? Because I will be too but on a different tour just for New Years!

Are you all staying at the Fron? I was told that was most likely where the tour hotel would be. Looks nice.

I’m staying an extra night as well but I’m flying Icelandic Air - they had a direct flight from Munich and to London which worked out cheaper for me. Sometimes its cheaper to buy a return ticket in Europe than a one way.



Thanks for the tips! Hahaha
I’m thinking of doing Edinburgh Hogmanay with another tour too!! Still deciding though- who are you doing that with?

Ahhh ok fair enough! Cool- we should try stay in the same place :slight_smile:


haha sorry, I can go overboard on travel tips - travel is a large part of my life lol. :smile:

I’m doing the 5 day one ex London with Contiki (sorry topdeck). It worked out easier to do it out of London because getting from Iceland to Scotland was a nightmare!!


Hahaha no it’s good! I sad to say I didn’t get to travel as much as I should of when I was even living in England haha.
Ahhh ok cool! I was thinking of going with Busabout- but still deciding.

Just realised you mentioned staying at the From too- sounds good to me. I was looking at other hostels to be a cheapskate.


Oh yeah, I looked at the Haggis one (which is the same as busabout) but I’m a past passenger with both Topdeck and Contiki so it worked out to be nearly the same price I think :smile: plus Contiki did it from London which was a lot more convenient than trying to get my way back to London. I think what I would have saved in the tour price I would have paid in travelling to and from Scotland.

Yeah, I only booked the Fron because it is Christmas and I didn’t want to move. I’m in hostels for the big chunks of time I’m by myself otherwise a day here or there pre and post tour I’m just staying at the same hotels for ease.


Ahhh I see! Intriguing haha
Maybe I should just go with Contiki too. Still time to think about it!

Ahh yeah ok- understandable! :slight_smile:


Yeah you still have a little time. Just pick the one that is best for you. The extra $126 was worth it for me so that I didn’t have to book transportation to and from Scotland (because I would have to book accommodation somewhere anyway so that kinda cancels itself out).

Sometimes what you save, you’re actually going to spend more in the long run. Its like flights, you may get a flight that is cheaper by about $100 but it takes you twice as long to get there and you end up spending nearly that much in food and drinks in the airport anyway.


Good point- flights are the worst for that kind of thing.

How long are you travelling for?


Way too many choices out there!! It took me forever to settle on my flights, and then it was this random thing that cemented it for me haha.

I’m travelling for a couple of months - but I love tours because I don’t have to worry about anything and I can actually have a holiday, meet people and just have fun. I have a couple of weeks by myself to even it out.

How about you? How long are you travelling for?


Hahaha yeah totally!
Nice that’s awesome! Yeah they are the best ahah.
Yeah same- I’m travelling from early December to late Feb. Last trip for me for a long time I think! Haha :slight_smile:


Me too!! I am seeing this as the last hurrah haha, at least for the moment.

I’m travelling about the same time from Early November until early Feb - what else are you doing / where else are you going?