Iceland Explorer 2016-17/10Nov16


Hi Everyone

Booked in for this recently.

Just wondering if anyone else is booked up yet?

Travelling on my own from the UK.




Im thinking of booking into this tour, will be heading over from London :slight_smile: Still quite a fair way away though!


My brother and I will be on this tour too , we’re from Australia ! See you then !


Hi, I’m thinking about booking this. Where in the uk are you from Stacey?


Hi, I am from Newcastle, would either go from there or London, London seems to have quite a few flights more flights going than Newcastle, what about you?


Ah brill. I’m from Wiltshire so would go from Heathrow I think. Would you stay any days either side of it or just go for those dates? X


Amanda whereabouts in the uk are you from? x


I’d go for a few days before I think, just make’s it easier for work having the time off in one week, I’d be going back to work the Monday but up for a few days before hand if it was something you were interested in doing.


Ok fab, I’ll check it out in a bit more detail and let you know X


Hey! Only just got your message sorry, Im actually from Australia but ill be traveling at the time. Flying to iceland from London :slight_smile:


Just booked and paid for my trip!


Hey Guys,
Myself and two of my friends just booked the iceland explorer 23-26th December :slight_smile:
anyone else book this one?



My friend and I just booked this tour. So keen! See you all in November!