Iceland explorer 09/03/2017


Hey is anyone else on this tour? I’m a single traveler from Australia! I’m also doing the Winter Britan and Ireland tour that starts the 12/03/17 woo!


I’m on this tour!! Single traveler from Canada. So excited for it, I’ve heard good things about Iceland :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’m super excited. How long before the tour art you arriving in Iceland? I fly in the day before. What are you most excited for? :blush:


So excited to check out Blue Lagoon!! Are you going to do the Golden Circle tour?
I’m getting in the day of the tour, but at like 6am. I don’t think we’re meeting up until later on that day so I was going to do some exploring on my own. We should meet up :slight_smile:


Ah yes I’m super excited for the blue lagoon! Have to get some amazing photos there :heart_eyes:
Yes I’ll be doing the golden circle! I’ll be doing all the optional activities as well. I want to do as much as possible! I arrive the day before but leave on the last night because I’m doing another topdeck tour that starts the next day. Absolutely would love that!!


Oh yeah! Definitely have to take some pics. I’m also going to do everything possible! Have to make the best out of the 4 days :slight_smile:


Hey there Hailee & Tianna,

I’m getting set for this tour as well! Solo traveller from Australia and definitely wanting to tick off a few of the items on the bucket list with Northern Lights & Blue Lagoon on this one! Also doing the Britain/Ireland tour but I don’t kick that one off until 26th March.

Anyhow, dig out your thermals - can’t wait to meet you both! :slight_smile:


It’s so close. I just arrived in London today and am staying here for a few days then heading to Iceland.
The countdown is on :heart_eyes: