Iberian Voyager!


Hey guys,[br][br]I’m booked for the June 1st tour - anyone else along for the ride?[br][br]Christina (Melbourne)[br]xxx[br]


I’m looking at going on one on 13th July, because it’s just after Pamplona - the greatest festival in the world!


im doing Aug 23rd - there for la tomatina festival! soooo exciting![br][br]sounds like an amazing tour - i cant wait!


hi there

i am going on June 29th!!

going solo and for the first time overseas hahah

jo , Brisbane



i’m doing this tour on the 1st of june, same as you christina!

are you guys getting to barcelona on the start day or a few days before?

em (Perth)


I’m going SEP 7 tour. I would prefer to go on the “La Tomatina” one though! I would love to smash tomato’s into peoples faces and through people’s house windows!


I’m going on that same tour! i’m flying into Barcelona on the 28th to have a few extra days before
the tour starts. Have you received any specific information on where we meet for the start of the tour?
Charlotte (canberra)


Hey guys, I am booked on the 1st June trip along with my cousin - we got our tour information today! Have done Topdeck twice before and loved it both times.
We are arriving in Barcelona on the Sunday night and staying where the tour leaves from. See you soon!
Sarah (Sydney Australia)


Brischik. I believe that on day 12 or 13 of your tour you go to Lisbon, according to what my travel agent says I (along with whoever else took the Footsteps of Columbus Trip) will be meeting you in Lisbon at the Lisbon Youth Hostel on July 10, to finish out portugal and madrid. It is a seperate tour, but rendezvous with yours



I am planning to book the June 1st tour this week! Have to work out the detail with work first and wait for my ISIC card before I book my flight. So nervous to do this since I am going solo. Sounds like a great tour so I’m hoping to have fun! What is everybody doing after the tour? I would like to spend a few days exploring before I head home on the 21st, but kind of nervous doing it solo vs. having a buddy. If anybody is interested in spending a couple of days exploring with me, I’m down with that.