Iberian voyager - Tuesday 9th August


Looking forward to this trip! any one else doing this tour? Looking forward to meeting everyone! :blush:



Hey Renata! Im booked on this trip too, Are you staying at the Generator before hand?



hey Hayley, I sure am. I’m staying one night pre and a few nights post. Are you staying there? Can’t wait!!


Yeap sure am I’m booked in one night before and one after before i fly out to Greece. Where abouts are you from? I cant wait either, I’m booked on to two tours so my trip starts in two weeks…not sure how i feel about that :sweat_smile:


I’m from Mildura, Australia. Where abouts are you from? I’m leaving the end of June I’m booked on 3 tours this one here is my last!


I’m from New Zealand, awesome! I leave in two weeks, I’m booked on 3 as well haha I thought I was going to be the only person to do that! What other trips are you doing?


Your not the only one, I’m sure there is many of us! I’m in Italy first for a family wedding. Then I’m doing the Greek islands and eastern exposure. What ones are you booked on?


Awesome, I’m doing the mega European an Croatian sailing then the Iberian voyager :blush:


You must be away for a while. It’s going to be an amazing experience. See you in Barcalona :grinning: