Iberian Voyager Optional Extras


Hey guys,

Just received all my official Topdeck Itinerary paperwork, however I still can’t seem to locate the Optional Extra’s for this tour!

Seeing as its less than 3 weeks until the tour begins, I was getting a bit anxious as I’m still trying to budget etc.

Anyone received theres yet??

Christina ;D
***Iberian Voyager (June 1-June 18)
***European Pioneer (June 24 - 36 days later hahah)


I am on the Footsteps of columbus which is an extension of the iberian voyager…it meets the iberian voyager in day 11 or something and i have emailed top deck and asked them and they said they will be up as soon as possible, they are finalizing them. That was a month ago…so your guess is as good as mine