Iberian Voyager May 21 2013



I’ve just booked this tour (and the Spirit of Europe, commencing April 16), which is a bit exciting. Can’t believe I’ve actually gone ahead and finally done it! Is anyone else out there going on this trip? I’ll likely be coming from London a day or two beforehand.



Hi Jess, I have also booked to do this trip! My flight gets into Barcelona on the 18th… very excited :slight_smile:


Hi Natalie,

I was a bit bummed that this tour was cancelled! :frowning: Since I hadn’t booked my flight out of Barcelona, I had some fliexibility with my travel plans so have changed to the Scenic Scandi tour, starting May 19. What are your travel plans now? Hope you have a good trip!



Hey Jess,

I’m so bummed that it got cancelled too! I don’t know what’s going to happen with my flights, but i fly into barca on the 19th and i have a flight out of portugal that’s gone to waste.

I am looking at doing a tour with another company starts on the 20th finishes on the 2nd.

Trying to work it all out with my travel agent at the moment

Hope it all works out for you!



Oh, that sounds reasonable, Dee - sorry to hear about your flights. That’s so annoying when that happens! I hope your plans work out as well as can be expected. What is the tour you are looking at doing? I didn’t find any that started at a date that was convenient for me, but I also didn’t come across the one that fits the date you mentioned.

Good luck - otherwise, come to Scandi with me! :wink:



Hey Jess,

Thank you! I hope so too, its working out to 395 more for the tour (don’t know if i am supposed to mention the company here) it’s called spanish spree, you could probably find it on google, but all in hotels not hostels that’s why it’s a little more expensive. You should join me! haha it was the closest fit that i could find. Starts and finishes in Madrid, 14 days all together.

haha I would have loved to come with you but I have already booked the spanish spree :-/

You never know, I might bump into you in barca or even London beforehand, i’ll be in London 15-18th May? barca 19th? then fly into Madrid for the tour.

Goodluck to you too!



Ah, I am likely to miss you on those dates, sorry Dee! Thanks anyway though, and enjoy Spain! I may be a little envious…!