Iberian Voyager August 30th - September 19th


Hi everyone,
My name is Alyx and I’m from Sydney. With only 5 weeks to go I was hoping there were others out there who are going on this trip!


Hey Alyx! I’m also going on this trip, really looking forward to it! I’m flying form Adelaide on 20 Aug so I will be in Barcelona a few days before the tour starts :slight_smile:


Hey Gemma! Awesome :slight_smile: are you staying at the Generator?


So I got that wrong, not flying out until 24 August :stuck_out_tongue: Nope, I’ll be staying just down the road at Hotel Catalonia La Pedrera. By the time I got to booking they didn’t have great deals at the Generator. I think it’s only a minute away or something though, so not far at all.


Hi Alyx and Gemma,
I’m also on this trip, flipping out that’s it’s only a month away now! I leave Perth on the 28th (at 3 in the morning :sob: ), and am staying at the Generator for the night before.
Looking forward to meeting you guys :slight_smile:


Awesome :slight_smile: time has gone so quick! We’ll be there before we know it. We should try and meet up for dinner the night before!


Absolutely! You will have been there for a few days so maybe you will be able to recommend somewhere decent :smile:


It is SO close now! I’m so excited :smiley: definitely keen for dinner beforehand, I’ll be just down the road so it’ll be nice and easy to meet you guys at the Generator or something :slight_smile:


Hi Gemma, I’m also staying at Catalonia La Pedrera across the street from the Generator. My flight gets in around 130pm Monday. Add me on facebook if you want to get in touch - Kristen Browne


Hi girls! Hope you both had safe flights. I’ll be wandering around Monday and would love to meet up for dinner/drinks in the evening. My Facebook is Alyx McEvoy if that’s easier to get in touch and organise something!


Hi guys!

Just woke up from my first night, this is getting exciting now. I’m definitely keen to meet up for dinner, my facebook is Rebecca Furnivall, should say my home town is Perth with a picture if me on the beach with a little girl. I’ll try and find you on Facebook as well :slight_smile: