Iberian Voyager - 4th Sept 2012



Keen to see if anyone is doing this tour!! Can’t wait, I’ve heard so many awesome things about these countries.



Hey Bec!
I’m on this tour. Getting pretty excited, not long now. I’m going by myself. Are you traveling by yourself or with people? I get to Barcelona a few days before tour so if you or anyone else who sees this want to meet night before for drinks I’d be keen.
Also I just came upon the La Merse festival which is in Barcelona around when we get finish. It looks awesome. “The biggest, most colourful and wild festival in Barcelona” good end to trip I think!


Hey Damo,

I get to Barcelona the day before the tour starts.
Can’t wait should be heaps of fun.
I fly out of Barcelona on the day we finish, mid afternoon i think.
Are you staying at the pre accommodation?



hi guys,

myself and my two friends are on this tour! we are pretty excited its getting close now :slight_smile:

we will be staying at the pre accommodation as well and we get there two nights earlier.

we should meet up!


Hi all,

I will be joining this tour and will arrive into Barcelona the morning prior. I am staying at the pre accom. Hope to meet and see you soon :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone! I will be doing the Iberian Coast on Sept 4 - apparently its the same tour, but the difference is I stop off at Lisbon why the Voyager tour continues the loop through Portugal and back to Barcelona.

I’m getting super excited and cant wait! I’m actually arriving Sept 1st but heading to Ibiza for 2 nights (couldnt resist B-) lol) and then arriving in Barcelona in the afternoon on the 3rd.

I have reserved a hotel near the water, but wondering if I should just bite the bullet and stay in the hostel. I’d be keen on meeting up for drinks and dinner! :slight_smile:

Let me know…


Hey all,
I’m staying at the hostel where we start our tour. I get there on Friday 31st so will have a few days to scope out Barcelona. Maybe we can meet at 6pm at reception of hostel on 3rd if you guys are happy with that. I’ll put something on the noticeboard so people can see when they arrive.

Not long now…


Hi all,

I’m doing this tour as well but won’t be arriving until the day we meet up with everyone!

Damo what’s this festival in Barca when we finish? Would love to look it up!

See you all on Sept 4th

Jacqui x


Never mind! Found it.

Supposed to finish on the 24th! Hopefully we will make it!


Bugger I won’t be able to make dinner as i don’t get in until 8pm :frowning:
Maybe i can meet you guys up at the bar after dinner?


Hey everyone, I am thinking of doing Iberian Voyager in July 2013. i wanna know how was the Iberian Voyager trip? :slight_smile: