Iberian voyager 28/08/2017


Hi all! I am booked on this tour for August 28th, second time with topdeck so I’m super keen! Anyone else on this trip? :smile:

  • Alex :smile:


I will be on this tour too! Super keen! First time with Topdeck!

  • Olivia


Hey Everyone
I am going to be on this tour as well! This is the second time I have done a Topdeck. Travelling solo from Toronto, Canada! Going to be in Barcelona for a few days before the tour starts.


Hey Michael, I’m in Barcelona beforehand as well. Are you staying at Christopher’s inn?


So exciting! Do you have any plans before the tour starts?


I will be in Barcelona before it starts too! I think I get in two days beforehand?


I’ve got 2 days as well. Are you staying with pre tour accomm at Christopher’s inn?


I’m thinking about either going on the 28th or September 5 haven’t decided yet, but I was gonna come early either way and stay at hostel paralelo, anyone interested in seeing barcelona soccer game


If you go on 28th you get to go to la tomatina (:


Yes. Staying a St. Christopher’s a few days before the trip.


La Tomatina and celebrating my birthday in Spain the day after could me in for the 28th, so are you guys all staying at st christophers, I heard Hotel Paralelo was the best hostel in spain, but i’ll switch to St c, if all of you guys are doing it


Nice if everybody is staying there, i will stay there as well, what day do you get into barcelona


Sounds great! I’ll be getting into Barcelona 26th


Arrive in Barcelona the 21st.


You interested in seeing a barcelona soccer game?


For La Tomatina, I heard tickets sell out, so we need to book our tickets I heard its a once in a lifetime experience


Pretty sure the tickets are included in the tour. But let me double check


oh ok cool, I did not know that


I talked to an agent, and they said la tomatina tickets are not included with the tour


Yes you’re right! My bad