Iberian Voyager - 27th Aug 2012



Anyone booked onto this tour yet? :slight_smile:


I’m doing it :slight_smile: R u booking into the centric hostel for before and after tour??


My BF and I are doing this trip and will be booked into the Centric from the 26th. :slight_smile: Looking forward to La Tomatina.


Woo how exciting! I’m traveling with a friend I met in the UK - we are both so pumped for this! Are you traveling solo Annelysse?
Same can’t wait for La Tomatina, didn’t even realise until after I booked that it fell on that day so pretty stoked…
And yep staying in the Centric Hostel on the 26th. Not sure about afterwards tho just gonna wing that part :stuck_out_tongue:
Have you guys done Topdeck before?


I am also on this tour and am travelling solo! I arrive in Barcelona (from Sydney) on the 26th and will be staying in the Centric Hostel. Good to hear that some others are doing the same. :slight_smile: I’m super pumped for La Tomatina, although also a little scared cause I’ve heard some pretty hectic stories about it!
After the tour I’m off to Oktoberfest then will be travelling around Europe/England for another 2 months! What’s everyone else doing?
I haven’t been on a topdeck tour before but it should be awesome!


Hey all! I am also booked on this tour, and travelling solo. I’m planning on booking the Centric for the 26th. Probably staying for a day or two after as well, then making my way to Oktoberfest.

I did a Topdeck tour last year in Russia & the Baltics. It was a great time, so I decided to do another this year!


Yay so there are a few of us already :slight_smile: Seeing as we are all staying at Centric should catch up the night before the tour for some drinks!
Oh Oktoberfest is SO much fun! I did it last year had the best time! May do it again this year see what happens… Where abouts you going to travel afterwards Miriam? Anyone else doing traveling before/after?
How good is Russia Matt! I did Scandinavia & Russia last year through Contiki had the best time. Did 2 Contikis last year so thought I would try out Topdeck this year :slight_smile:
Ahh 4 months and counting!!


Hey Jess :slight_smile: Yes I am travelling solo - did a contiki last year through western europe and loved it so im deferring uni this year and heading back to europe for longer. After this tour ill be in barcelona a couple of days before heading to athens, spending a bit of time travelling round mainland greece then heading off on another topdeck tour through all of eastern europe ending in london.

Where is everyone coming from - im a Sydney girl, flying into barcelona also on the 26th. :slight_smile:


Hey team!

I’m coming too - 25 year old from Sydney, living in London at the moment. Travelling solo but topdeck pretty much means 30 instant friends, in my experience.

Haha I also didn’t realise that this trip included la Tom, oh well… Safety in numbers right??

I’ll prob be in Barca the night before too, haven’t booked anything yet but will try and get that hostel you’re all at. Keen for drinks then too!

Can’t wait, this looks like such an epic itinerary!!!

Lisa x


Oh wicked! Deferring uni for traveling good choice :stuck_out_tongue: Eastern Europe is just beautiful! Such a good experience. And cheap alcohol :wink: haha…if you go to Prague you must do the pub crawl easily the best one in the world!

Welcome Lisa :slight_smile: yeah so true tours like this are full on but who can beat having 30 instant friends to see new places with! And its definitely an epic itinerary though I wish we did more of Morocco…

Oh and I’m 22 and from Perth but living in London at the moment also. Getting itchy feet though so need to start moving again!


Hey all!

Jess, after the tour I’m probably flying to Salzburg and then i’m pretty much going round Europe in an anti-clockwise direction. Trying to see as much as possible in the 2 months I’ve got! I will definitely be going to Prague so I’d be keen to hear about that pub crawl! I’d also love to see more of Morocco - I really want to go to Marrakesh.

And Annelysse I’m flying in from Sydney. Leaving Syd on Aug 25th and flying with Emirates. Who are you travelling with?

I arrive in Barcelona at midday on the 26th so I’m keen for drinks that night! And I’m also 22.


Miriam, I’ll be travelling with myself :slight_smile: Im a single traveller, only way to do it i reckon. I’m guessing you have the stop over in Abu Dhabi…?


Hey - I am in for drinks on the 26th as well. I am flying into Barcelona late on the 25th from Dublin, as I’m doing 9 days in Ireland to start off my trip before the tour.


Hi All

I’m flying solo as well and arrive from Dublin late on 26th but am staying at the Centric as well.

Not sure I’ll make it in time for drinks but hopefully there will be other opportunities along the way :slight_smile:



I can’t believe our trip is so soon, only 2 months to go now! Annelysse I’m stopping over in Dubai on my way to Barcelona - spending the night of the 25th there.


Hey everyone I’m booking this trip. I’m traveling solo and am from Adelaide it’s going to be sweet!


Miriam, my bad i am stopping in Dubai on the way - Abu Dhabi on the way back. I think we are probably on the same flight! haha


Hey everyone,
I’m also a solo traveller on this tour ! Pretty excited that it is so close.
Has anyone not yet booked the centric for the night before?
Im considering staying somewhere else close by as there are only twin private rooms available at Centric but am keen for meeting up the night before our tour !



Hey everyone, I’m booked in for this trip and will be staying at the Centric beforehand, also travelling solo. Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing a few jugs of sangria!!



Me and my other are booked in for this trip too! We’re landing on the 24th and can’t wait for the tour to start! We’ve previously done Contiki, and thought we’d try Topdeck this time :slight_smile:
Looking forward to meeting you all!

Jess and Andrew