Iberian Voyager 26th July - 15th August 2016


Hi all,

I have just booked this tour, which will be my 4th with Topdeck. Really excited and can’t wait to hear from others on the tour so we can get to know each other beforehand.

Speak to you soon.



I just booked this also :slight_smile: very excited!! will be my 2nd top deck - my 1st top deck finishes a week before this one starts :smile: first time travelling on my own so a little nervous!


Thanks for your message. I have travelled on my own for all of my trips. It is so nerve wracking but an amazing experience and you make so many friends for life. Lucky you, doing two. Which other trip are you doing first?
I really wanted to do Australia and New Zealand, but couldn’t fit it in with school holidays from work and couldn’t really afford it so thought I’d tick more of Spain off my list. Definitely next year though.
Should probably introduce myself. I’m Keren, I’m a 32 year old Nursery Nurse in a school in the South West of England.
Sorry if I’ve rambled a bit there.

Keren. xx


I’m doing the Greek sailing! Am traveling with a friend for 5 weeks and then she leaves me to go back to uni right before I start this one! I’m 21, from Melbourne, Australia, and I’m taking a little break from my law degree to do some traveling before I start my final year/find a job! I’ve been to Barcelona before but everywhere else on the trip will be new to me :slight_smile:


Oh and my names Hannah haha


Not one for sailing myself, but I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time. :slight_smile: Barcelona is the only place on our itinerary I’ve already been to, but loved it so much that I wanted to see it again. Plus I had a long list of other places still to tick off. Trying to do all my major travels now before I have any ‘adult’ responsibilities such as buying a house. :slight_smile:


Hey guys my name is Claudia and I just booked this trip!! This is my first topdeck tour.
I am also 21 from Melbourne :smile:


Hi Claudia.
Is it your first time travelling in general or just Topdeck. :blush:


Not my first time travelling, first Topdeck though!


Hi Claudia!
Where abouts in Melbourne are you from?
Have either of you guys got much travel planned for after the tour?


I live in the south east suburbs and I have no plans for after the tour at the moment! What about yourself?


I have no plans for directly after this trip as I have to fit stuff into school hols due to work. Also the financial element but planning next year to do Australia, New Zealand or both if I can.


I’m in the north east :slight_smile:
Nothing booked yet, I go home 3 weeks after the tour though. I think I’ll probably head to Berlin straight after the tour, but to be honest I’m hoping I’ll meet people to come with me haha


I would definitely be interested in joining you :slight_smile:


Ok!! I might book a flight early next week just so it’s done :slight_smile: I can let you know what flight if you would like?