Iberian Voyager 25th July


Hi guys!
Anyone booked on the Iberian Voyager 25th July - 14th August? I’ll be travelling solo from WA :slight_smile:


Hi Jacinta!
I’m booked for that tour, I’ll also be travelling solo from WA!
After the tour I’ll be starting my semester exchange in France for 6 months :slight_smile:
I’ve always wanted to visit this area, and this tour looked great. Can’t wait for some paella and sangria!

I’m flying into Barcelona on the 24th. I wonder if we’ll end up on the same flights!


Hey Jacinta and Catherine!! I also just booked onto this tour and I’m travelling solo too!! Super excited for it! Great to know other people who are going solo!
I’m moving to England from Canberra so will be over there for a while!


Hi Georgia!

How exciting! So glad to have already met a couple before before the tour starts. Super excited! It should be a great trip :slight_smile:


Hi Georgia,

Awesome to hear, I’m getting excited too!
Canberra to England sounds like a big move! Hope all the preparation is going well :slight_smile: