Iberian Voyager 21st June


I am!
So excited because we get the Running of The Bulls!
I’m Charlene from Perth, W.A, solo traveller:)


Hi Kim,
Yes me too, I chose June 21st because of that, it’s awesome how they include it for our tour:)
My flight to Barcelona arrive in the morning of June 20th so will be in the topdeck accomodation one day earlier. After the tour, I will be spending one week in Barcelona exploring the many architecture sites:) Two days in Barcelona on the tour isn’t enough! :smiley:
How about you?



Here is a nice guide on things to do when you are there. http://www.sletoh.com/plan/Barcelona-guide-163874.html

Hope this helps.


Thanks Dany,

That’s a great help :slight_smile:


By the way, if your’re wondering about my username changing I realised I accidentally had 2 profiles so I deleted one.


Hey girls…my name’s Brieanna, solo traveller & im booked on this tour too!!
So excited! Im actually leaving on the 23rd March for a 3 & 1/2 month adventure round the UK & Europe!!
Getting into Barcelona the day before the tour because I will only be finishing the Red Star Special tour around Russia & Scandinavia on the 20th June!
Cant wait to meet you all! We’re going to have a blast!!!


Hey Kim,
Good to hear you’ve been to Barcelona before, will have to let me know what to hit and what to miss :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you!

Hi Brieanna! Good to meet more solo travellers on this trip, really excited for this!
Wow, you have a really full on few months! Keep some energy for your Iberian leg!
Are you staying in Barcelona for a few nights before/after the tour? I’m there for a week after the tour to see the rest of the sights:)


Hey Charlene,
I would definitely recommend the food market. We also went to Park Guell which is a big park with all these mosaic sculptures by Gaudi but you have to walk up a really big hill to get to it. I think the tour takes us to Sagrada Familia which is the huge church Gaudi designed and is still being built.
I’ve heard there’s a few good museums which I wouldn’t mind checking out while I’m there too :slight_smile:

Hey Brieanna, good to see someone else on this tour too! I’m doing the Red Star special after this one so you’ll be able to tell me all about it!


Awesome thanks for that, I’m really looking forward to Gaudi’s architecture while I’m there, I’m also thinking of visiting the town of Girona and the Dali Theatre Museum in Figueres, can’t wait!


Hey Charlene I didn’t get to do that last time so I might have to check it out this time!


Hey guys,
Im doing this tour too!! Im from NSW Australia and this is my first time overseas. Travelling with a friend, pretty excited :slight_smile: What’s everyone bringing? Cant wait to meet you all!


Hey Nat! When are you flying into Barcelona? I’m going to be there about 6 days before the tour starts. I’m travelling for about 5 and a half months all up so I’m just taking a bit of everything :slight_smile:


Hey Kim,
A friend and I get to Barcelona the day before the tour starts im pretty sure. We are doing this tour and then are off to london and doing a contiki tour around great Britain :slight_smile:
Where abouts in Aus are you from?


Also, whats everyone taking? I have no idea what to pack :S


Hey Nat,
I’m pretty much taking a variety because I’m travelling for 5 and a half months. I’m doing Contiki in Great Britain and Ireland too but not until the end of august. Also I’m from Geelong.
I leave in 2 days (yay!) so if you guys want to add me to Facebook my address is kimberlymurphy1@hotmail.com


Hi Nat,
Glad to meet another traveller on the 21st June departure!
I will be staying in Barcelona for an additional week, so let me know if you are doing the same :slight_smile:
So excited, only 21 more days to go!!
For clothes packing, is everyone going to bring summer clothes? Because I’m thinking the South of Spain and Morocco is going to be quite hot!


Hey Charlene,
I’m taking summer clothes like shorts, t shirts and dresses because last time i was in Barcelona it was quite hot! I’m also taking warmer stuff for at night in case it gets cool but I’m doing a 5 and a half month trip travelling through Scandinavia too so I have to take warm stuff!
I’m staying in Barcelona for 6 days before the trip departs so I can see a bit more of the city. Can’t wait to meet everyone! :slight_smile:


hey guys
wow, only 21 days, its coming around so fast!!!
i get there a day before our tour starts and pretty much leave right after for london…
yeh i was planning on taking heaps of summer clothes, not sure what type of warm clothes to bring… also, apparently in morrocco we may have to ‘cover up’ as it is an islamic country, but im not too sure… does anyone know for sure?
thanks guys!


Oh good, I’ll also be taking majority summer clothes and maybe a cardigan or thin jacket in case it gets cold at night.
Shame! I’ll be sticking around in Barcelona 6 days AFTER the tour!
Oh well, still can’t wait to meet everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi girls!!! I’m doing this tour as welll!!! So excited only 1 week to go!!! ;D
I’m a solo traveller from Melbourne!!!
I will be arriving the day before and staying at the same hostel that night!
After the tour I’m spending 1 week in PARIS! and then sadly back home.