Iberian Voyager - 12th July 2016


Hi guys and girls,

I’m booked on the Iberian Voyager tour starting on 12th July, 2016. I’m in Brisbane, Australia.

Anyone else out there going on this tour too?


P.S. I’m so excited I’m going to BURST! ;D


Hey Beck @amoreeuforia I’m booked on this tour too this year. I’m in Melbourne and also very excited! Never been to Europe but Spain has been a must for me.



Hey @amoreeuforia and @sarahelyse I’m also going on this trip and I’m from Melbourne :slight_smile: so excited! I arrive the night before and would be keen to meet up on the morning of the 12th as I don’t think we meet with the rest of the gang til later that evening? Could be wrong though, let me know if that’s something either of you are interested in :slight_smile:


Anyone coming to this trip please join the Facebook group! At the moment it’s just Sarah and I but we’d love to find more people that will be on this trip :smiley: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1061211020605963/


Hi :slight_smile: I will be on this tour also, and it will be lovely to already have some familiar faces to meet! I’ve requested to join the fb group too. Soooooo excited, the countdown begins!