Iberian Voyager 11th July '17



Just recently booked this trip and thought I’d see who else is going on it :slight_smile:

Travelling solo from Sydney


I’m Jayde and myself and my friend Laura are going to be on this trip aswell! We are travelling from Melbourne!
Getting extremely excited to meet everyone :slight_smile:


Exciting Jayde! Where else are you guys travelling?


We are starting in London, going to Ireland, Paris, Italy, Poland, the Greek islands and possibly a couple of other places! What about yourself? Are you travelling before or after at all?


Sound amazing! When do you head back to Australia? I’m in London for about a week before the tour, then after the tour I’m going to Italy, Croatia, Scotland, Slovenia, Austria, Ireland, and potentially Scandinavia :slight_smile:


i head back on August 23rd!
Wow! sounds like an amazing trip! it is coming around very quickly


Hey guys, I’m Brad. Travelling solo out of Melbourne and this is the start of a 4 month stint getting around as much of Europe as possible. Looking forward to getting amongst making some memories with a group of legends!


Hey guys, Ill be on this tour too. Travelling solo from Melbourne. Ill be arriving in Barcelona on the 9th July


Hey Brad and Krystle, excited to meet you guys! Are you doing any more travel after the tour?


Hey Guys!

Nice to talk to you all! super excited to meet, not long now!



I am thinking of booking this trip too! My name is maryanne and I’m from Canada, going as a solo traveler (my first ever solo trip)


Hey Nikki, looking forward to putting a face to the name! I’m doing quite a bit of travelling both before and after this trip, what are your plans?


Hey Nikki, I am. I will be heading to Croatia after the tour and then to london. Ill be in Barcelona 2 days before the tour as well. I saw you said croatia too. When are you going??


Hey Maryanne!
Totally do it. I did my first solo trip last year and loved it.


Keen to meet you guys!
I’m in London for about 10 days before the tour, and then travelling for another 3-4 months :slight_smile: I’ll be in Croatia from the 19th of August till about the 26th of August. Whereabouts are you guys staying beforehand in Barcelona?


Hey everyone, not long until our trip now! I’m Mel from Melbourne. Spending some time in Barca and Paris before our trip :slight_smile: can’t wait to meet everyone!