Iberian Coast 5th July 2016


Hi All, I am travelling solo to Barcelona before this trip Fly in on the 3rd July and staying at/near the Generator hostel. Is anyone else heading to Barcelona earlier?


Hi Erin,

I am doing Iberian Coast and getting in on the 3rd as well.

I’m staying at another hostel that is not too far from Generator Hostel in Barcelona(I hope).

Pretty excited and good to see someone else that is going on the trip!

My name’s Nathan and I’m from Australia.



Hey Erin and Nathan!

I’ll be on this trip too and fly in on the 4th July. I’ll be staying near the generator hostel too. If you guys want to meet up to grab some dinner or something the night before let me know!



Hi Jen,

I would definetly be down for dinner or something.

I’m planning to see as much as I can of Barca before the tour starts as we only get a day there included in the tour.



Hi All,

I’m gonna be in Barca from the 3rd as well. Would be good to catch up for a few drinks in the evening if possible. Let me know what you’ll thing.

Might be easy to just setup a whatsapp group. My number is +61420379250.



Hey @Jen_N @Nlee0123,

I’m getting in on the 4th and staying at generator :slight_smile: let us know if you want to grab dinner or drinks!



I’m in town as well. Happy to grab dinner/drinks on the 4th as well.


Sweet! FB to organise? My name is my username & photo is in the Greek islands :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I will be at the Generator tomorrow night. More than happy to have dinner/drinks
Been in Barca a couple of days now, it is pretty awesome!

See you guys soon



Hey guys!

Couldn’t seem to find you on facebook @Nadine_Back, but I should be the only Jennifer Noorbergen on fb if you guys want to add and we can make a group to meet up for dinner tomorrow :slight_smile: