I Love NYC: 8th-10th July 2016


Hi everyone,

My name is Lisa and I’m from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia! I’m all booked in for the ‘I Love NYC’ tour from the 8th-10th July 2016 and was wondering if anyone else is also booked in to do this tour on these dates?

Also, if anyone else from previous experience with this particular tour has any general advice/tips/recommendations, that would be great. I’m so keen to get the most that I possibly can out of the short period of time that I’ll be in NYC.

Thanks in advance for your responses!




Hi there Lisa

I’m Brittany from nz (currently in Sydney however) but I too am on this trip!!
I’m heading to Canada for a bit then flying into NYC around the 6-7 … How about you? Should be super fun!!



Hey Brittany! Yay, so glad you’re on this trip - I’m really looking forward to it!!

You go girl - I’ll actually be in the States a little earlier as well (mid-June), as I’m actually studying over at UCLA.

So looking forward to the trip, should be amazing!!! :grin::grin:


Hi guys

Would you mind maybe giving me a few tips on the I love NYC trip? I am booked on it for September.

I would just like to know if one has to choose between the optional extra activities? Or is there time to do all of them on the trip?

And also, if I have 2 days in New York before the trip starts, is there anything that you would recommend to do (like something that you don’t get to do on the trip)?


Hey Chani! Just wondering how you found your I Love NYC tour last year?? Looking into this tour and just wanted to find out about it a bit more! Thanks, Mariah :slight_smile:


Hi there Mariah

I must say it was very short, and a bit rushed.

I still enjoyed it, because the people on the tour were very very nice, and made me feel very welcome, even though I was new and they had been travelling together for quite a few days.
And it was nice to have people to go out with in NYC.

But other than that, the day tour we did with the tour through NYC was very rushed. I actually ended up doing my own thing during the day, and meeting up with everyone during the night to go out with.

And then I also did 2 extra days on my own in NYC before the actual I love NYC tour. And I also did the School of Rock tour before that.

So I wouldn’t go all the way to New York and only do the 2-day I Love NYC tour. I would recommend doing more.


NYC has some of the best shopping in the world!

Check out this article :slight_smile: