I just got back from a camping trip... Questions?


Hi all, well i just got back from the 12 day southern nomad camping trip. I know that i really wanted to ask people who had been on the trips questions, so yes… if you have any questions about wat it was like, i’ll see if i can help.[br]luv rik


What were the tents like? Did they have locks on them? Im just worried about our luggage during the day coz were doing the Oktoberfest camping trip. any help would be great[br][br]Sarah


No, the tents don’t have locks. i would recommend not to take anything valuable, always zip ur suitcase (close ur backpack) if u are going out (not all people do this but y make it easy for someone if they did go in ur tent), and zip up ur tent. All the tents are in a group anyway, so if someone did want to go into ur tent they would have to go through the campsite. one girl on our trip locked her suitcase each day but most of us weren’t to worried. Keep things like money, passport, ipod, etc, with u in ur daybag and u should be right.


cheers for taking the time out to answer questions [br]did you go alone? if so, was it easy just to get to know everyone or a bit hard…?


Hey, yeah i went alone. probably bout 80 % of the ppl on my trip were traveling alone (some on gap years or traveling/working in the uk, some were like me, just on a holiday)… they were a few couple and then a couple of girls in pairs but everyone mixed with the group and it was really easy to meet ppl and the staff r great cause they mix with the group too. i had a lot of youngies on my trip (mainly 18-25) and it was a really awesome atmosphere being on a camping trip. it might be more couple and stuff on ur hotel trips and stuff…


cheers for that[br]just one more :)[br]plugs…do they have any to charge camera batteries?[br]and if they do, is it the uk plug or the Europe plug ports?


charging batteries and phones was quite difficult as u don’t want to leave ur phone/batteries plugged in when ur not there to keep an eye on them cause most of the plugs available r in the bathrooms or next to the tent area. Also, some people had trouble with there adapters not fitting into the plugs at some places (u’ll need an adapter cause it is europe plugs). I took a camera that just takes normal batteries and found it a lot less stressful (take plenty of batteries though, i went through 4 sets in 12 days). I had a a phone too but i didn’t get a chance to charge it for about a week.


Though, if u are despearte to charge camera batteries they can sometimes charge it on the bus but there is only one powerpoint on the bus and when after a few days everybodies batteries start dying it is fairly frusterating to charge them cause everybody wants that plug.


allrightey[br]will take that into consideration[br]with the baggage, are they really hard on the dimensions[br]like…the dimensions stated on the list of pre tour, do they measure all the bags. reason that im asking is that i might be getting a suitcase which is under for two of the dimensions and over by 2cm for the last dimension[br][br]hope that made sense to you ahahaha


Im just wondering, did you take a towel or did most places have them for you? Also is it worth having a hairdyer?[br][br]


My bag was under in 2 dimensions but 1 cm over in the width, so i know wat u mean. no, they don’t measure them, some people actually had suitcases that were bigger than mine but remember that while they don’t measure them, if everyone takes a bag that is a little bit over then they may bave to start getting strict and if urs is the biggest u might have some problems… i don’t think an extra 2 cm is going to be a big issue though… be careful with how heavy ur bag is too, not just for the staffs sake but u have to get ur bag to ur tent/dorm (sometimes up stairs or over pebbles) and leave plenty of room in ur bag for stuff u buy and also cause u may take half an hour to pack it perfectly before u leave but when u got to pack it up every 2nd morning, clothes kinda end up screwed up and take up more room… hope that helps


hey em_87… well i was camping so there was never the option to get a towel provided (u need a sleeping bag if ur camping too)… i just took a cheap towel cause i could throw it out at the end to make more room for stuff i bought… also, don’t take a really big towel cause they take longer to dry and it has to go back in ur bag each day when ur traveling on the bus. [br]I was camping, so hairdryer wasn’t really needed (i bearly even put makeup on most of the time) some of the campsites/dorms have hairdryers in the bathrooms (though they don’t work very well) some of the girls brought straightners but only used them a few times on the big nights out… if u do bring a hairdryer or straightner make sure u bring an adaptor!!!