I finished a winter spirit tour any?


Its the same simmilar tour in summer but i just went in winter. Which i loved the difference well that i was told from a friend who did contiki but he went on a 18 day tour while mine was 24 was that topdeck gives you a lot more free time to do what ever you want so you are not being dragged to places that you dont want to go. When you arrive in the country they take you on a tour of the city first then the next day you are free to explore the city or do what ever you want which i loved. Because by the end of it i was so sick of seeing churches and museums so i went off shopping. But i loved every moment even when i got sick and had bad chest pains and went to hospital for 4 hours in which my tour leader sat with me along with another friend from tour so the tour leader that i had was fantastic she really looked out for us she also took me back home when i was really drunk and couldnt stand and was vomiting from the pub crawl totally my fault. So they are really nice the staff. Would deffenetly tour with them again.



How much time did you have in Vienna? Was the time in the afternoon or the next day?