I can't decide!


Hi everyone, I want to book a Topdeck tour shortly and I have narrowed it down to either the Spirit of Europe or the European Pioneer. [br]If anyone can give me advice on either of these trips I would be so grateful. Is the Greek island part of the European Pioneer awesome or is is better to do the Greek Islands separately?[br][br]Thanks in advance![br][br]Lauren


if you don’t mind spending the extra money - then hands down choose the pioneer.[br][br]i guarantee you 100% that on the last day of the spirit you will be telling yourself “i can’t believe this is over and on the pioneer i would of had 14 more days!”[br][br]you will want to be with the group as long as you can, the tours are just that fun - i would easily do the pioneer! it will be worth it 100%[br][br]thankfully im going on the mega european next summer but when both the past trips were done, all i wanted was to go longer - so now i’m going overboard and hitting the max :)[br][br]Europe Unplugged *July 2008[br]Alps & Matadors (Part of Pioneer) *June 2009[br]Mega European May-Jul 2010


Thanks for the advice. Think I’m leaning towards the Pioneer now. Anyone else have any tips or advice for me?[br][br]Thanks