HTFD - 20 Day European Getaway 2011


Hey !

Is anyone doing this tour starting on the 10th of September, leaving from London?



Hi Alicia,

I am…can’t see any other posts with reference to this tour though.



Hi Girls,

I am too. Are you guys staying at Clink the night before? I have booked in there. See you then! :slight_smile:


Hi Girls,

I’m staying with family for a couple of nights before the tour so I won’t be at Clink the night before, guess I’ll be getting up bright and early to be there by 6am I think it is… So will see you then :slight_smile:

Are you guys doing any other travels before or after this tour?


So glad to hear from you both! :slight_smile:

I will be at Clink for two nights before/after the tour! I am doing a few days in the Middle East before I head to London and then spending a week in the UK before I make my way back to AUS.

What are you doing before/after?


I’ll just be in London 2 nights before and after the tour then heading on another trip to Spain with my brother, then back in London for a few days again, then heading back home to Melbourne.

Only a few days now :slight_smile: