How would one dress 'smart/casual'?


Right, forgive my ignorance please, but how would one dress ‘smart/casual’ in a European winter? I’m totally clueless xx(



For guys, this would be a collared shirt and khakis etc, rather than jeans and walking shoes as opposed to sneakers.

Women, think tailored pants or a skirt rather than jeans and the same thing with the shoes.



Ive been on a winter tour and us girls pretty much wore jeans. Usually at night we would wear either black or dark blue coloured jeans. Boots are kind of a staple for night, but smart looking shoes are good as well. Depends which countries your going to as well, like Monte Carlo, you would dress very smart.
Don’t stress too much because there is always a chance to go shopping over there.
Have a good trip :slight_smile:


Thanks to both of you. It helped me out.
Have a great trip, too!