How & when to pay for optionals



Im just wondering how you pay for your optionals?? Do you receive a list of optionals at the start of the tour and you choose what you wanna do, and pay at the beginning of the trip?? Or do you do it day by day???

Also can you pay by credit card or is it only cash???

Thanks… :slight_smile:


Pretty sure it is on the day and has to be in cash


My last tour with Top Deck was a couple of years ago, but you usually get a list of optionals in your tour documents so that you know what city has what on. In terms of prepayment, I know that a lot of tours have this option but I’m pretty sure we paid on the day.


If I remember correctly, generally our trip leader would talk about the upcoming optionals a couple of days beforehand to give you time to decide, then the day before (ie, on the bus to the city where said optional will be) she would collect the money. Trip leader has to get the money at least a day in advance so they can ring and book the right number of people.


Hey guys!

We are in the process of loading a PDF document listing the optionals available on all trips on the website. This should be available soon so be sure to check out your trip page.

Rest assured, your trip leader will advise you of all upcoming optionals available whilst on your trip. Payments for these are made in cash.

Topdeck Team