How was Bravo Italia? Opinions?


Hi everyone!

Has anyone ever done the Bravo Italia tour before??? I’ll probably do that one after going through so many tours, this one was my original choice. So I might go back to that one and choose it so I can thoroughly enjoy one country rather than rush through many countries this time! People who have done it, what did you think of the tour? And if I pick the one that departs Sept. 1 2013, anyone else going on that tour??? Either that departure of the Aug. 25 2013 departure??? Who’s going on one of those tours? The Aug. 25th is already guaranteed so I might just do that one. :smiley:



Hi Becca,

I have just finished the Bravo Italia tour 3 - 4 weeks ago. It was fantastic, i highly recommend it to anyone interested. Every town and city we were taken too was amazeballs!!! Italy was everything and more that i expected so “YOU GOTTA GO”! I did this tour as the final destination through Europe and it was by far the best out of my 6 weeks in Europe.



Hey Andy!

That’s awesome!!! I actually decided yesterday that I WILL be doing it! :smiley: I will be booking it ASAP for the September 8 2013 Departure! I’m super excited! I even want to learn a bit of Italian before I go. LOL :smiley:


Hey becca,
Thats great to hear you’re booking it asap. You will never forget it!!!
The italians were very helpful tryn to communicate, but learning and speaking italian is heaps of fun and a great experience.
Dont hesistate to ask any more questions if u need help. I didnt do much research of what n where we were exactly going and found that being surprised everyday was a great was to attack everyday. :slight_smile:


Hi Becca! I did the Bravo Italia tour this September and it was amazing!! Loved every city and town we went to, although would have liked to spend more time in a few of them. I would definitely recommend spending a few extra days in Rome at the end of the tour just to re-visit some of the things you already saw with the tour and to add a few things that you don’t get to see.
MUST SEE’s: The Colosseum (go inside & depending on how interested you are in the history of it, spend a few extra euro’s on a guide), Roman Forum, climb the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, go to the top of the Victor Emanuel monument, Mouth of Truth, Aventine Keyhole, Piazza del Popolo, must eat gelato at Gialitti’s!!
When you go to Sorrento, do the day trip to Capri but make sure you go to Positano too!! It is absolutely heavenly! You will not be disappointed!
This tour is perfect because you get to see so much of Italy and even though it is crammed into 13 days, you get an amazing taste for it all! I will go back someday :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, I see you’re from Canada (me too)…just a warning, it is HOT in Italy in September!! I was a sweaty mess the entire trip!


Hi everyone!

It’s so great to hear the feedback on this tour, as my friend and I have booked into this tour departing the 23rd June 2013.

Totally looking forward to this trip!!!