How to pack for 6 months?


Hi everyone[br][br]Im going overseas for about 6 months and not to sure what to pack. I will be in Europe in the Summer. Should i pack as little as possible and buy as i go. I was thinking of packing a big jacket for when winter comes. Does anybody know how hot Londons Summer is?[br][br]Also should i pack suitcase or backpack?[br][br]Ok looking forward to the feedback.[br][br]Carly


Easy! Pack as little as possible and buy lots of new stuff when you get over here! I have lived in the the UK for nearly 18 months now after moving from Aus and i packed heaps too much- travel light is my advice! The only things i miss is my shoes back home!


Thanks!![br]Another question. I have applied to work in a pub for a few months. Can you recommend which places in England i should request to work?


I’m not really a pub worker so i’m not sure in terms of where is good to work at. I lived in Cheltenham for a while which was absolutely lovely. [br][br]Not living and working in London is better financially.[br][br]Thats about all i can recommend


Hi Cgill86, [br][br]A london summer is not that hot, shorts and a tshirt but always have a cardigan and our british weather is somewhat changeable![br][br]If you applying to work in bars, the london is pretty good, places like convent garden (especially during the summer is always busy as there are street performers etc) however living in london can be very expensive and your best off to find a place on the outskirts if you can afford the commute in, it might save you money.[br][br]If you change your mind about pub work and you have office skills then there are normally a lot of temporary office jobs available in london. [br][br]Hope this helps[br][br]Kristeena [br][br]Grand European 28th July - 24th August 09! :slight_smile: