How to pack clothes for winter getaway


Winter is exhausting, which is why everyone wants to go somewhere sunny and sandy for their winter getaway. But it can be just as exhausting to decide what to pack and wear on your beach getaway as it is to deal with winter. Here are a few tips on packing that should help ease your pain as you prepare for your beach getaway.

Go light: pack neutrals

First of all, you want to make sure you don’t pack too much. If you buy any new clothes or souvenirs along the way but packed too much, you’ll really struggle trying to pack and come home. The only problem with packing light is that nobody knows how to do that without wearing the same outfit every day. According to GQ magazine, you will need to pack a lot of neutral colors, so you can wear the same thing over and over with other stuff and look like you have a different outfit.

Start with swimwear

The truth is, most winter getaways will involve a lot of swimming, whether your body is ready for it or not. You will need to start with swimwear. Since you’re pretty much going to spend your entire time on the beach, get a couple of difference swimsuits and cover-ups to wear and just stick with them for your daily outfits. Want to try a new swimsuit? Might as well. Nobody you know will be there to judge you. Just make this your first priority. Add a couple t-shirts and shorts, and you’ll be ready for day-time clothes.

Dinner time dress

Dressing for dinner is always going to be nicer, especially on a winter getaway. Bring your bathing suits for the daytime and a couple of nice outfits for the evening. Slacks or kakhis for the men and a dress or slacks for the ladies will get your evenings off to a nice start. Again, bring different neutral colors, and you can mix it up each night to get a different look. If you want one or two nights a little bit more glamorous, you’ll have to bring a special dress or tux, but that’s not always necessary if you just want to relax.

Bedtime comfort

The next thing to worry about is getting something comfortable for bedtime. Try some Jumpin Jammerz footy pajamas if you are ready to have some fun and stay warm at the same time. Nobody is going to see you, and even if they did, they’d probably think you were awesome. If you’re on a romantic getaway, you might try some Victoria’s Secret lingerie to heat up the night. If you follow this advice on packing, your winter getaway will be everything you wanted.



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Yeah…Very true…In winter the chance of getting wet is more. Hence more dress should be packed.


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I think, Its Very true…In winter the chance of getting wet is more.


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