How to make the most of your Topdeck Trip


No worries @Hollyh. Yeah they will make some, i just googled iPhone to usb and came up with this Its pretty much what i used, but mine was made for samsung.

Dropbox is a great idea, just have to hope for good wifi, it slows right down when a bus load of 40 people hop on all at once :P.

I wish i took more video for the memories, i did make a video and post it on youtube from the stuff i did take, but i did film much at all :frowning: . Im jealous, i wish i was going again! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh sweet!!! Thanks so much I’ll definitely be picking up one of those.

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking as well lol.

What’s the link? I’ll give it a watch :slight_smile: @caleb


@Hollyh Do it!

Ill see if i can send it through a private message :slight_smile:


Really great post Caleb :grin:

I’m glad you enjoyed your trip and are helping out new travellers!

I hope you have some more travels on the horizon for you



Thanks mate @coggo. I felt like i needed to give back, and it helps with the memories as well. I really want to go back to Europe, but at this stage I’m planning a trip around Indochina. I hope you have some plans to!


Hey Caleb,
Sounds like you had the best time!
I have a question about the weather. I read that your trip ended in September, that is when mine starts. What was the temperature like? Wondering if I will need to take warm weather clothes, as I feel the cold terribly.


Hey @Steph.priest3105, Thanks I had the best time, almost a year since I left :(.
My trip finished early August. Weather wise my trip was pretty hot (40 Degrees C) all the way around from Paris (bar switzerland) until we were in Krakow and then it was jumper weather all they way back to London. Going a bit later in the year like you are I assume you wont have as many hot days as I did and more cooler days. I took 2 jumpers with me and 1 thermal top but didnt really use them much.

I would recommend you pack for both types of weather (which sucks). It will be pretty warm around Nice, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia at that time of year and cooler more north. Instead of bringing big jackets which take up a lot of room maybe bring one jacket and then lots of layers you can wear underneath to keep you warm. I had a quick google and the colder places will only be around 20C at that time of year. So basically just pack for mid range temperatures but have an option for when it may be cold.

Hope that helps!


Some really helpful information in here so thank you in advance!
Will be doing the European Pathway in October this year. Solo traveller and first time going overseas!
My girlfriend is a seasoned traveller (38 countries and counting), and i’ve been getting all my advice from her about the upcoming trip, but a different perspective can be good sometimes. Her and I will be doing 3 weeks together before the tour starts visiting a few more obscure places (and sneaking in Oktoberfest along the way).
Main reason for getting involved in this thread is ask if anyone has ever travelled around this time of year before (dates are October 18th to November 4th). I know it isnt summer and one of the ‘tips’ in this thread was ‘travel in summer’. Most burning question I have is can I expect a full tour group?? Im really hoping to have the most free, out of comfort zone experience of my entire life in the 5 weeks i’m in Europe. Despite it being guaranteed tour, im just curious to know if anyone has ever heard of or been on tours with a really small group and if it was still as enjoyable as it could have been??
That is probably my one fear at the moment. That the group will be really small and it might not be as much of a liberating experience as im hoping for (I certainly class myself as a people person so the more the merrier).
The 3 weeks with the missus prior to the tour starting will iron out all the ‘first time overseas’ kinks im sure, so not too worried about how to use finances/transport etc just yet.


Hey @Gratto42 Thanks mate.
Sounds like you have a great trip planned. I was similar to you when I went and wanted a big group( I am planning on doing an asia trip this year and the max group size is 16, so a bit worried about that for the similar reasons you mentioned above).
Honestly you probably wont have a max 48 people in your bus at that time of the year. When i went in summer the most we had was about 45 and minimum at times was around 25. I have heard that you can talk to Topdeck and ask them how many people the have booked on that departure and they can tell you. Or check the Topdeck forums or Tourradar meet up pages for your tour. Being a guaranteed tour you will get more people then if it wasn’t.
It will come down to what you want out of it and the type of people on the bus. On my trip we probably had around 10 quieter people who wouldnt get involved in stuff as much but the other 20 or so would. Even if you have 1 other person like yourself you will have an awesome time.
My advice for you to have the most liberating awesome experience would be to say Yes to everything and do any adrenaline pumping activities they offer (skydiving bungee etc).
Hope it all works out for you mate and have the best time ever.


Thanks mate!
I certainly am planning on saying yes to all the really cool, once in a lifetime experiences on this tour.
My girlfriend has made friends for life through past tours and has gone on subsequent tours with them all because they have the same thing in common (travel). Im hoping I can do the same because all my mates have kids and have missed the boat on the carefree, travelling years haha.
Thanks again!


Yeah Definitely @Gratto42 ! You will have the best time. My friends are similar they all had no time or money to come so I just said stuff it and went, and I am so glad i did, it was the best time of my life. I want to go again in summer, but now I have a job holding me down. :frowning:

I found that it took me a few days to loosen up and become carefree on the tour. I got so use to structure and other things back home that it took me a while to unwind. But with the 3 weeks before hand you will be so relaxed!


Hi there
Your post really helped answer some questions I had so thank you. Doing the European getaway June next year and can’t wait
Thanks again


Thanks for this helpful information


This is such an awesome post! Thank you, Caleb :heart:


Thank you! Glad it was beneficial


A best post i find her which tell me the all thing i needed during trip.


nice tips to make trip more interesting


Bring good tips to use.





@shikharb I was just reading through the old posts. How did you trip go in the end?