How to make the most of your Topdeck Trip


Thank you @Angela_Gay. Have the best time. Im pretty jealous, I want to go again!


Quick question; did you take a sleeping bag? It said to bring one, cant see how we would need it though.


Hey Caleb!
Great post! I am doing this “Spirit of Europe” tour in June. This is my very first trip outside my country & I am going SOLO! Pretty much excited about it and a bit nervous too! I read your post and its awesome! Loved the way you replied to every Q that was thrown at you! :smile: Got some great info while i was reading the comments as well! Cheers and continue this good work!


Thanks! Enjoy your trip! @Sarvesh


Hey @Angela711 No i did not take a sleeping bag, It is way to big and I would only need it for a couple of nights, didnt make sense to me. What I did was along the way I picked up two sheets which I used and then threw out after the sailing. It is hot enough anyway to not need a sleeping bag, but it would be a good idea to have some sort of pillow or towel to use, because I didnt have a good one and it really gave me a sore neck in the morning. :smile: Hope that helps. Some people did bring sleeping bags on my trip and you can store them on the bus… but then it still take up room flying over and home.


Thanks helps heaps :slight_smile:


Hi Caleb, thanks for your posts, it´s very usefull for me… I will be doing the Europe Express for September 2016 and i´m so happy & nervous at the same time cause i´ll go by myself and sometimes i get a little shy and also because my english is not the best, but i´m trying my best and hope to make new friends as possible as i can.

In your experiencie in the topdeck tours, which are your best tips for that?

Thanks a lot!!!


Hey @alrom32 you will make friends, guaranteed! My tips will be to just be open and friendly, have open body language (don’t cross arms, smile etc) and just talk to people, asking them where they are from is always a good opening question. You will also be roomed with people so you won’t be by yourself. It is a lot easier meeting people on the trip compared to normal life because everybody is in the same boat as you - most are travelling alone and want to meet the people they will be with for the next few weeks. Another tip will be to try and talk to everybody in the first couple of days. The tour leader will also play some “get to know you” games to break the ice.

You will have the best time of your life


Hi me again,
I have a visa for Turkey, is there any other countries i would need a visa for?
I cant see where else i would need one? Im just starting to freak out over every little detail now.
Thanks again :slight_smile:


Hey @Angela711 Nope your all good, if you are really worried message/email/ring topdeck and they will let you know. But from my memory Turkey was the only one I needed. Make sure you bring a printed version with you.
Have fun


Topdeck have been good, but they just wont give advice on visas.
All good, thanks again :slight_smile:


Hi Caleb,
Thanks for your posts it has been very helpful. Im doing European Pioneer this May. Any recommendations on a sim card to use? Thanks so much!


Hey @Iva. Thank you. I am jealous. Yeah so I may have mentioned this above but what I did was just use wifi everywhere we went. I did look into a few sim cards before I went but nothing really stood out, they were all pretty expensive. However a few girls on my bus bought a sim card in London before the trip that I was pretty jealous off. I think it was with the British provider 3 Mobile (or something like that). They paid like 10 to 20 pounds and received about 15gb of data which worked in most major countries and cities throughout europe. I would recommend that if I went again. It will be cheaper to buy a sim card when you are actually over there instead of getting one of those “travel” ones before hand.

Hope that helps!


Hi! Super quick question, would you recommend taking a sleeping bag and sheet or do you think a sleeping bag will be enough? Just worried a sheet will take up unnecessary space in my luggage. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi @Jess_Boyd I didn’t take either, my thinking was that I will only be using a sleeping bag for 3 nights so not worth carrying it around for 2 months. I would recommend a sheet, depending on the time of the year it won’t be very cold at night so a sleeping bag (in my opinion) won’t be necessary ( a sheet is also smaller) . If you are set on bringing a sleeping bag then leave the sheet behind. I acquired 2 sheets a long the way which i used for the sailing and then got rid of afterwards. What i did miss on the boat was a decent pillow.
If you do want to bring a sleeping bag you can leave it on the bus when not in use so it doesn’t take up your space.

Hope that helps. Ask away of you want!


Hi Caleb,

Just another quick question regarding budget. Will the suggested 70-80 Euros per day cover for the optional activities as well? Thanks


Hey @Iva. Sorry about the late reply, i was away camping! :slight_smile:

In regards to your question… maybe. It will depend on how much you are going to spend each day (food, drinks, souvenirs, entrance fees etc). Some days you will spend a lot, some you wont. What I did was I looked at all the prices of all the optional activities and budgeted from that. I worked out that if i did all the activities plus skydiving it would cost around $1300 AUD, and around $800 AUD if i did everything but went up Jungfrau instead of skydiving. I did all the optionals but the dinner and ballet in Vienna (I think).

So I budgeted 30 Euro (50 AUD) per day x 49 = $2450 AUD
All optional extras + Jungfrau = $800 AUD
Extra money about $1000
Money for London about $600

In all I remember putting $4200 in my account to use. I came back with about $1200 to spare. But then I didnt spend a lot on extra stuff. Some people on my tours probably spent $5000+ on the trip.

So in a long winded way it may be enough. :slight_smile: Basically if you can bring more money do it, but you can also do it on the cheap and do all the activities if you want. I would recommend doing all the optionals and also the optional dinners because they are always fun and you get to hang and know everyone better.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Super random question - probably more directed at the girls… I’m booked on the 27 day summer fun and sailing on 3rd of June. I’m just wondering what is the best way to take photos, keep them etc. I’m the type of person who will probably be taking hundreds of photos per day and find that my iPhone can only hold about 7,000 photos. I’m not sure whether it’s worth purchasing a camera or forking out money for a go pro so that I can ensure I’m not caught in the situation of “iPhone cannot take picture as storage is full” and be having to delete photos I’d like to keep!

I haven’t seen any threads or answers about this sort of thing and was wondering if anyone had this problem or has any suggestions!

Thanks heaps guys :slight_smile:



Hey @Hollyh, I had the exact same question before my trip and there wasn’t much around to answer it. This is what i did. I took my phone (the latest Samsung, so the camera was good) and just used that as my camera, I was worry to about memory running out so what i did was i found (and bought) this 64gb usb that fits into your phone and also a computer, so about halfway through the trip i copied all my photos over. It worked well and when i got home i just plugged it into my computer and copied it over. :slight_smile:

In my opinion you won’t take more than 7000 photos in 27 days. I found that I would take a few photos of the same thing and then in some free time (like on the bus) i would go through my photos and delete the bad ones. In all i came home with about 2000 photos (but then again I am a guy).

Also I would upload a few every couple of days to Facebook and Instagram for my friends and family and to see and that also served as a way to keep them safe.

If you bought a GoPro or a Camera you will also need a way to store your photos because they take memory cards. For my next trip I am going to buy and bring a GoPro, but thats because I want to make a better video from the trip. Anyway I hope this helps in some way. If you have any more questions, ask away!


Thanks so much @caleb!

I agree I probably won’t take 7,000 photos but just the thought of running out of memory scares me haha. Do you know if there are memory cards that will fit into my iPhone 6? I’ll have to have another look into it but that seems like a really good idea.

I also downloaded the dropbox app onto my phone yesterday so I’m going to try and see whether it’s easy to transfer my photos from my phone onto the app when connected to wifi because that could also be really helpful as well.

Yeah I’m really torn between getting one hey! I’m always the one who ends up taking heaps of photos because I can’t bear to forget all the places I’m going and things I’m doing but I’m not sure whether it’s worth the $500. I’m feeling as if I’d probably take tons of photos and videos on it then come home and put them on my computer but never really bother making them into a video haha. But some of the footage people have gotten from them is amazing so I would definitely recommend it if you’re going to take the time to go through the footage and make a video.

Thanks heaps man! :slight_smile: