Hi Everyone,
I just thought I’d share some of the ways I save money to be able to afford my trip and such. I hope someone will find this useful, and will make it easier for them to save and budget.
Here are my top tips that i follow which allowed me to visit Europe 3 times in 3 years! (No outside help, all down to hard work and dedication)
ORGANISATION: My way of saving money is working 3 jobs almost the whole year before heading off to a trip ( I understand not everyone can do that but just so you have some background information. My money doesn’t grow on trees I’m Afraid!), and weeks ahead of booking i create a budget plan for every week. To ensure I am on the right path and not over spending. It is VERY important to be organised like that. You need to be able to control your budget and foresee what you have to achieve in case you are planning on buying a pair of $400 heels, not realising that you might be blowing your savings.
I personally break down my budget to fortnightly goals: So that every fortnight I know how much i need to have in my savings to be able to afford my trip.

FLIGHTS: Booking your flights about 12 weeks before going on a trip is recommended. That is usually when all the sales come out and Airlines try to fill up their spots as much as they possibly can. Booking it around 12 weeks before the holiday/trip will save you a couple of hundreds of $$$ for sure!

USE CASH: Using cash and leaving your card at home is my MOST IMPORTANT TIP for those who cannot resist a good sale. HONESTLY THE AMOUNT OF MONEY I SPEND ON USELESS STUFF. I always put my card away and budget a certain amount of money for my weekly spending which i take out in cash. This will stop em frm spending mroe than I should, and since i would have to go home to pick up my card in case I am planning on making an expensive purchase, gives me more time to think it through if i really need that item.

The following tips will save you maybe $100-$300 OVER TIME! Not massive amounts, however small things do add up!!!

UNWANTED ITEMS: Selling unwanted items you have is also an awesome way To make some extra money. I dont think many of us actually realise how much stuff we have that could be sold! Ones junk may be another one’s treasure! Think clothes, accessories, unwanted jewelry (gold silver etc), shoes, electronics we dont use!!! (Do you really need your DSi from like 2012?)
Facebook Sell groups are great for these sort of things, or like Ebay/Gumtree.

PIGGYBANK: I also have a piggybank that I always put my coins into, no matter how much. It really adds up. Last time i had over AUD$100 saved up just from coins which is great for spending money. This accumulated over a year though and the bank was only openable with a can opener…! I have to be restrained.

I hope some of you found some of this helpful, I really hope the best for all of you! and If you have any personal tips or strategies that worked for you, please comment below, I’d love to read about it!

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what kind of amounts for spending money do you think is appropriate in europe ?


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