How to Choose!?!


hello all ;D

i fly to melbourne from Rome on the 9th Sept 2012.

i am keen to book another topdeck trip for when i arrive to get a feel oz. would anyone suggest anything? i’m not fussed about a round trip…

i’m undecisive at the best of times!!!

any advice greatly appreciated!!!

thank you

loves xx



Being Australian myself, thought I might lend some advice. I’ve been to every State and Territory, and it really depends what you’re looking for. Not sure if you’ve been to Australia before, but here’s a basic rundown

Melbourne and Sydney are brilliant for shopping, some early history, markets, museums and the like - Sydney has the beaches, Melbourne has the trams and breathable air.
Central Australia, in particular Uluru (no, it’s not Ayers Rock) is absolutely stunning for those wishing to spend more time outdoors.
Tasmania is very lush and green with lots of wildlife, but also almost permanently raining.
Queensland is sunny and full of beaches, Brisbane is lovely and the Gold Coast has all Australia’s best theme parks
South Australia is very dry. Not so keen on it. Ditto for Western Australia.
Canberra is full of history and assorted national institutions. Has nowhere near the party atmosphere of Melbourne or Sydney, but is nice none the less.

Hope I’ve been some help :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your advice!! :smiley:

no i’ve never been before and have booked the flight and have a WHV but not done anything else as yet.

thanks again! :slight_smile: x