How Much Spending Money


Hi Everyone!

I leave for Europe in a month’s time and I previously budgetted for how much spending money I thought I need. Recently after talking to different people and reading various things, I’ve been questioning how much spending money I’ll need.

I’m going on the European Wonder tour so UK - France - Switzerland - Italy - Austria - Germany - Netherlands - UK

How much do you recommend I take for each day? For meals that aren’t included, souvenirs and that sort of things? I’ve already sussed out which optional excursions I’m going to take so have enough set aside for them. It’s just the day to day things I’m not sure about


Hi Rachey,

Not sure with the different tours and if there’s more need for spending money than for others! But for my tour of italy I’m working on $100AU per day for spending.

Have fun!


Thanks Anna.
A number of people I’ve spoke to have recommended that :slight_smile:

Have fun in Italy :slight_smile: