How much spending money will i need?



I’m heading to Paris for 4 days before i start a tour in Barcelona, how much spending money shall i need for Paris and 18 days on the tour?




I’m pretty much doing the same thing myself. I’m taking a day trip to Versailles and Fontainbleu, the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, Musee Rodin, Eiffel Tower, a couple of walking tours etc. I’m saving some money as I’ve purchased the Paris pass on-line (

Otherwise, for my 28 days I’m budgeting $4,500AUD, which is about 100EUR a day. This is more than some people would budget, but I enjoy having a good time.



On a similar topic, I am going to Europe in September for the 28 Grand European tour everything is paid for bar a couple of nights accom, i’ll be over there for about 6 weeks as i’m going to ireland as well. Can anybody tell me a roundabout figure to save. I’m putting everything I can into the bank but i’m not sure what the expenses are like over there. And i would love it if someone could share their spending experiences with me, I’m terrified that I won’t have enough… thanks heaps


I did a 18 day tour and i spent almost 2000 Euros. Its a lot but i did a lot of the optional activities and shopped like crazy. Also remember that some of the museums and attractions cost money and just be careful where you eat cause the closer to a major attraction it is the more it will cost.


Hi Guys

We usually recommend €50 - €60 per day which generally includes any optionals you may want to do and any souvenirs you may want. This is just a general guideline and it is important to remember that everyone will have a different budget that they are working with!

Hope this helps!

Happy travels!