How much spending money is enough?


Hi there
I’m going on the European getaway in the beginning of June and I’m just wondering what everyone thinks about how much spending money to take. I’m budgeting about $3000 Aus for the tour and then 3-4 day in London but now I’m worried it won’t be enough
Anyway thanks for you help :grinning:


I am budgeting the same Sarah. It seems like a good amount and my travel agent said that we may not even end up spending that much but it will be worth carrying with you :slight_smile:


Hi there… Yea I’m thinking the same thing plus I just all I’m info from top deck and they say between 50-60 euro a day so I think it will be fine… I just had a last minute panic that I wouldn’t have enough.
Thanks for replying though :grinning::grinning:


Hey Sarah!

Thanks for your email :slight_smile:

We recommend around €50 - €60 per day depending on your spending habits! I would have a look at the optional activites that you want to do and budget around that.

You can get some amazing souvenirs in Europe as well!


Team Topdeck