How much money?


Hey all[br][br]Just wondering how much money i should bring for the tour only?? Im doing 20 day Getaway tour. Wont be doing much shopping… and only have a couple drinks every night. ATM im thinking around $2500AUD for the tour… just over $100AUD a day… Will this be enough… including the optional as well. [br][br][br]Thanks… Sally:)


I had the same problem so i asked my travel agent and she suggested 45euro per day. so you should be fine with $100aud.


Hi! I plan on doing the European Wonder tour which is a bit shorter… wish I could do the getaway tour! [^] I did a very detailed budget, i got all of the entrance fees to the sites, added up the optionals I planned on doing, took into account the meals that aren’t included, and the extra transportation I may need to get around the cities, as well as souvenirs! I overestimated a bit, better to be safe than sorry, and after all that it ended up to be around $85 USD a day… so that would be 108 AUD[br]Soo… it looks to me like you’ll be fine! Have fun! :o)