How much money???


I was just wondering how much money people would recommend[br]for these amount of days in these places:[br][br]London- 4 days (pounds)[br]Czech Republic- 2 days (koruna/crowns)[br]Switzerland- 2 days (francs)[br][br]Any help would be so good[br][br]Melissa


Hey Melissa,[br][br]I think that with exchanging money sometimes its best to exchange when you are in that country. I had 100pounds with me before I went to London and it was enough to get me through the 2 days I was there with my brother, however I changed euro’s into swiss francs and czech crowns once I was in those countries. For an idea of costs I would suggest about 100- 200 pounds in london if you wanted to see some sights, catch the underground (its 4 pounds one way so I strongly suggest you get a day pass which allows you to travel via train and the underground as much as you like which is extremely useful if you want a whole day of exploring - it costs 7.50 pounds for all 6 zones). [br][br]In other countries it depends what you want to do, some places you can get extremely yummy food for a few dollars which I tended to do but others wanted the whole food experience and spend alot on restaurants. If your going to Switzerland you have the option of skydiving and going up the mountain which are both quite expensive (see your optionals list for your trip which will have prices for each country per activity.[br][br]Hope this kinda helps![br][br][br]Adela :)[br][br][br][br][br]Adela and Leszek (Sis and Bro)[br]Summer Fun and Sailing June 26th 2009


sorry to bump this discussion but i have 6 weeks to go before i leave and im stressing about money i have 4 days in london thinking 1000 aus,13 days in italy thinking 2600aus, and 5 days bangkok thinking 1500 aus. can anyone help do u think this is enough money please help.


Don’t know about Europe but in Bangkok if the accomadation is paid for you will need only about $360 but if you need accomadation depending where you stay it cost about $300 for the 5 nights. Book it from OZ as it is cheaper.[br][br]You can email if you need help with the bangkok and the things to do there on[br][br]Going on the Eastern Spirit Tour Oct 7 09. What things are good or bad about the tour. Also an old young at heart fart at 37 hehe.