How much money to exchange?


I am doing the Mega European tour in July 4th and was wondering how much money i need to exchange and what currencies will be needed for the beginning of the trip? Thanks!


I’d just bring enough cash for a day or two in whatever currency you need first. There are ATMs everywhere and it’s easy to get cash out along the way. Exchanges are easy to find in most places too.


I bought 200 euros from Travelex to bring with me to London and once I’m in there or on a tour I will use an ATM machine and my credit cards.
Have fun!


Also seriously consider a Travelcard or something like that. As has been shown over the last couple of weeks, exchange rates can fluctuate madly, so if you can lock in a good rate you can save money as well. Visit or you could also look at a prepaid Visa card, which you can get from your bank.

Stacey :slight_smile: