How much cash should i carry?



I am doing a 14 day European Wonder tour and am looking for a guide as to how much I should carry with me in cash!

How much should I have on me roughly? and is there decent access to atms on the tour?



Last time I travelled Europe the most cash I had on me at any onetime was a couple of hundred… ATMs are everywhere… I found I would take out cash very couple of days.


When is your tour?
IM bringing 200 euro to start off with


Thanks Trent, was worried about ATM access, good to know i’ll be able to access my money

Katsui,Yeah I have about 300 euro at the moment, My tour is next week!

Also any advice as to how much swiss francs should I carry for Switzerland?


I got money out mostly on bus days, you stop at service stops which are like big truck stops we have here in Aus (actually, some are like mini shopping centres). But yeah, in all the city’s the banks are on every corner just like here…

In Switzerland, swiss franks are almost dollar for dollar (exchange rate) with the AU dollar. Depending on where in your tour you reach Switzerland (start or end) will impact on how you see pricing there. For me we reached Switzerland on about day 20, so had traveled most of Europe being able to have a beer for a few euro max, paying $6 or so for lunch etc… when you get to Switzerland expect to be paying more like the dearer australian pricing for food and drink. Lunch will cost you $15-$20, a beer with be more around the $6-$7 mark. If you go up the mountain, prices are more expensive again. I would recommend taking out a few hundred for Switzerland, you can always exchange it later if you don’t need it.