How may people on Grand European


Hi[br][br]I am going on the Grand European tour that leaves on May 8 2007.[br][br]I was just wondering how many people normally come on this tour? What is the age group of the people on this tour?[br][br]From kat22


hey, I was wondering about the age thing too. I’m going on the May 22nd trip and I’m 19. At first I thought the only people able to get off work for that long would be students, but then I realized that your summer break is not the same as in the US. So who knows really? I guess we can get a little idea from who replies on here.[br][br]I’m booked for the Grand European leaving May 22. Let me know if you are going too!


Im going on the 11th of sep. Im 19 to but by then i will be 20.[br]cant wait!


Hi there, I’m also leaving on the 22nd May - I’m so excited I can barely wait![br][br]