How many people?


Hey all[br][br]Im doing Getaway on April 19th. Just wondering how many people usually go on the tour??? And is the bus usually full?? Also, what are he usual age group of people on the tours??[br][br]Thanks[br]sally


Hi Sally,[br][br]The size of tours is variable, it can go from 25 people up to 46 in peak season. I would imagine about the time you are travelling there would be around 30…but this is just a guess. From my experience (i’m a cook) there is a varied age but most people are between the 20-28 mark with a few either side, but that said it really can’t be predicted, i’ve had a trip with 18 year olds and one with a 54 year old (she was the first in the bar at the end of the day - awsome!) either way you will find people you relate to no matter what their age.[br][br]Have an awsome trip[br]Kim[br][br]Ciao Topdeckers!


Thanks for that!!! Ive one contiki before and that was around the same ages… lots of 22-26 year old as a majority!!:)[br][br]sally