How many euros for 18 days tour to spend



how much spending money for 18 days in europe on a tour?



Hi Jo

We usually recommend €60 per day but this is just a general guidleline as everybody’s budget differs.

Hope this helps!


Ive seen those guidelines out there, but does anyone have a rough estimate for spending money on longer trips which probably include a lot of bus time?

Im doing two relatively large tours this summer (im guessing lots of bus time) and am not into souvenirs or shopping, so I’m curious as to how much I should really be allocating.

What do most people generally spend per day on essentials (food/drink/transit/etc)?


I did the 23 day Europe Uncovered tour in June last year. I took an ANZ travel card with enough for 70 Euros a day on just to be safe to make sure I didn’t run out, and I ended up with 200 Euros still left on it after the tour. Works out on average I spent exactly 60 Euros a day as Topdeck recommends.

I was into souvenirs so probably spent a bit more than someone who is not into doing that would. But them I’m also not much of a drinker so didn’t spend much on drinks in the evenings so factor that in too (and they can be pretty expensive in the major cities - 3 drinks, depending what they are, can easily set you back 30 Euros or more). From my experiences, you will find that on your travel days on the bus you will hardly spend anything. Just your lunch/snacks at service stops during the day and then whatever drinks you buy in the evening (dinner was usually included on the travel days). But on your full day in the city you will spend much more on transport/entrance fees/souvenirs/shopping/lunch/dinner/drinks etc. So you’ll spend nowhere near the 60 on the travel day but over the 2 days at each stop it will probably average out to about 60 a day.

So my advice is that from my experience, the 60 Euro a day suggestion is a pretty good budget. Perhaps also have a credit card with you just in case you decide to make an expensive purchase (such as a Swiss watch in Switzerland - I didn’t intend to buy one before going there but got carried away being there and left Lucerne with 2 of them for instance! - or leather goods in Florence).


That information is helpful.

I’m going to have fun trying to maintain my budget while I’m gone for about 95 days doing backpacking and topdeck tours this summer.

So I’m going to be in a super no-souvenirs, no-fancy meals, minimal booze mode because 95 days x 60eur/day x $1.35usd/eur = poor


thanks for the info guys…

have fun on your trips

flying solo jo


just wondering if the cost of optional extras are included in the 60E daily budget or if these should be added on top?



Hey Clare

Most people budget on €60 per day, including optionals activities and some souvenirs!



Hey all,
This question is for past travellers. Just wondering if it is the norm for people to throw in a bit of money each and stock up on drinks. I guess if you sit around camp and have a few “pre drinks” B4 hitting the town you will save a bit of cash.


Matman I am planning on doing that exact thing, the less I have to spend out in bars the more I can spend on other thing, plus I head that beer and wine is really cheap in supermarkets over there


Does the 60 euro translate to 60 Australian dollars when touring around Australia :)? Or should i budget a bit more, taking the exhange of 1.45 into account 90 should be more realistic?


hey guys… i went last year so i’ll give you an update on how things work when spending money.

When your on your travelling days you hardly spend any cash what so ever but on the free days well the world is your oyster. Its depends on what you want to do but roughly i was taking out 300-400 euros maybe once a week and sometime that would stretch out to two weeks. I went over there with the intention of if i wanted it i bought it so depends on how you guys are!

With alcohol the hot tip is when your in a city stock up on bottles of your choice of drink! You will always drink before you go out and this way its cheaper especially if you spilt it between people.

Wine is amazingly cheap over so if you enjoy a glass or two its in your favour…

Optional extras are not included in the suggested 60 euros a day but you dont have to do any of the optional extras! I sky dived in Switzerland which roughly converted to $700 AUD but it was well worth it. Things like bike tours are really good too and cheap!

So hopefully that helps a bit… all i suggest is from here on save because your money will be well spent overseas than here :slight_smile: