How does one lose a key to their tent?


As my 8 months over seas was coming to an end, I was only just beginning the trip of a lifetime. I made my way to Wombats Hostel in London to stay the night before the ever so early departure time the next morning. I was about to go camping for 26 days across Europe with my new family. Little did i realize that I would meet 10 of them that night and already create memories such as falling into a hammock or watching other people sing karaoke. Without realizing that will be us within the next few weeks.

When camping you tend to prepare yourself for cold weather, mattresses and tents. But sometimes things dont always work out how you planned. For example, in Paris, we ended up sleeping on this ‘trench’ of hardened mud made by a car. But thats okay! Or in Switzerland when you maybe have one to many drinks and accidently knock your tent down when you wake up for breakfast (which really is only a few hours after you went to bed). I was lucky to have a tent partner with a sense of humour and luckily it was pack up day anyways, i was just ahead of the game, right?

But the tables turned when we were in Rome and had been upgraded to the pre-erected tents at the campsite, they even had real beds! The key to our tent was lost in the middle of the night somewhere in the bar, wasnt me this time! They probably got lost somewhere between being dressed up like a geek and dancing on the bar counter or maybe it was just a result of two too many bucket drinks. Either way, we were both homeless for the night and had to figure out how to change out of our geek costumes the next morning before going to the Sistine Chapel! As they probably wouldnt have like that very much.

I only have one thing to say about Budapest, and that is this: you shouldnt actually drink ‘all you can drink’, because your brain thinks differently than your stomach. Will have to have a re-match with that bar next time since I lost the first round. $200 taxi ride later.

All in all, my trip with Topdeck was once in a lifetime and i wouldnt have changed anything about it. Saw the prettiest of sights in Switzerland, cliff dove into clear waters in Croatia and jumped on trampolines beside the canals in Coppenhaggen. My trip leaders, chefs and our driver all had a great sense of humor which helped us through all those early morning clean up days and hangovers on the bus.