How do these tours work?


At first I thought you would be with the same people on the same bus for your entire trip, but do they get split up/changed over half way through or something?

E.g. there is a Grand European and Mega European leaving on the same day (May 31st), one of which I’m going on, do these leave together (mixed) then split up somewhere else along the way? And someone has also said they are joining the tour halfway through or something…

Do the tours get mixed up along the way with other tours going in the same direction/same cities - or are the tours completely separate and you are with one same group for the whole time?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi the Mega European and Grand European is made up of several smaller tours so you will have some people come and go throughout the tour.


The Mega European is made up of the following tours
24 Day Road to Athens (London to Athens)
30 Day Eastern Adventure (Athens to London)
21 Day Eastern Explore
15 Day Classic Europe

The Grand European is a different tour group! :slight_smile: