How cold will I be.... really?


Howdy all. Ready to go for the Spirit of Europe April 25 :slight_smile: [br]I’m now beginning to worry about packing of course ~ anyone know any extra info (apart from the recommended stuff they give you) on the climate about this time? I’m expecting a Sydney girl like myself will be pretty cold in the more Northern countries, but will places like Italy and Monaco be a pleasant temperature by that time? Or am I just wishful thinking?..[br][br]Panic panic panic…


I’m jealous! I wish I was going this year.[br][br]My friends bf just moved over to the UK about a week ago and said it is insainly cold - that probably doesn’t answer your question though. You are probably better off buying a good jacket once you get there as I don’t think they would have much in Aus that is good for over there if you know what I mean. [br][br]Hope you have a great time and let me know what it was like! I’m planning to do the Grand European next April/May :)[br][br]


I’m not sure where your tour goes but its been a very cold spring in Europe this year… or actually winter isnt over yet, it normally is in early March. At least in (southern) Sweden, and I think that it is similar in rest of northern Europe. I am also going on a tour soon, in early May, and instead of bringing a warm and heavy jacket, I’d bring a light, water & windproof one, with enough space to wear some layers of clothes underneath, if necessary… however, Italy, France etc should be quite warm… at least for me… not sure about if a “Sydney girl” would consider around 20 very warm… :slight_smile: [br]Have fun on your tour!


i am at present in the south east of the uk near dover. and its around 13 celsius in the day here at present[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


ha ha ha, thanks for all the advice guys! I am hoping there will be at least a couple of days that are 20+ ! Good call with the clothing options, I have heard that overseas the clothing options are a bit more appropriate too.[br][br]Thanks again :o)[br][br]