How cold are the Swiss Alps


Hey everyone

I would be keen to hear from someone who has recently been to the Swiss Alps as part of their tour. I am starting to get all my stuff together for my tour which will be departing in three weeks time. The tour will be in the Swiss Alps for two nights in late May. How cold does it get on the Swiss Alps? Is it sufficient to take one pair of jeans and a thermal top and medium weight hoody to cover for the Swiss Alps temperatures?

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I haven’t been to the Swiss Alps but I’m also going to be there at the end of May (doing Roman Road tour). It might help to google the weather forecast for the area you’re going to. If your tour is going to Mt Rigi and Lucerne, I have been told it is about 10degrees colder in the mountains than it is in Lucerne so you’ll need to plan for a big temperature range on that day.

Hope that helps a bit.



Awesome, thanks heaps Kate. That is good advice.


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Hey Liv, I was there 3 days ago and it was FREEZING especially if you go up Jungfrau!


Went to Jungfrau and we all rugged up really warm to get up the mountain. We all were so warm ended up wearing a t-shirt up there in the snow


Hey Bec

Do you think a long sleeve thermal top and jeans will be warm enough on the mountain? I don’t want to have to pack heavy clothes.


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Hey Liv,

I’m from Switzerland. So if you go to Jungfrau, I would take warm clothes with you. It’s normally around 0° C in May and it has snow pretty much the whole year up there. If you go to Mt. Rigi it’s between 10 and 12° C.


I was on Mt Rigi for 2 nights on my tour in early June and was fine with a t-shirt and average jumper. We left our main bags/suitcases locked in the bus at the bottom of the mountain rather than lugging them up and just packed day packs for a couple of nights. Remember to include a jacket/umbrella in your small bag for those 2 nights just in case - the day we went to Lucerne it poured and some had left their jackets in the bus and got soaked.